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  • 2D into 3D: Optical Holography Founder Yuri Denisyuk and His Legacy

    Russian science was moved forward not only by great singular minds, but sometimes by dynasties of talented researchers. One such example is the dynasty started by one of the founders of optical holography, Yuri Denisyuk, whose name is still remembered both in Russia and abroad. His son, Igor Denisyuk, chose to follow in his footsteps: he has spent over 20 years working at ITMO, creating high-concentration nanocomposites as well as anti-counterfeiting holograms based on this technology. For this Russian Science Day, we talked with Igor Denisyuk about the path of a scientist, the rise of optical holography in Russia, and ways to develop succession in science.


  • Science for Life: Russian Inventions That Changed Our Lives

    Today, on February 8, we celebrate Russian Science Day. This date commemorates the founding of the Russian Academy of Sciences by Peter the Great. Every day, our team reports on the latest discoveries made at ITMO. On previous occasions, we brought you a comprehensive timeline of science at ITMO and shared the real stories of our young researchers. Today, we invite you to learn more about just a few of the times when science changed our lives – and what it will bring us in the future.


  • ITMO’s Young Scientists on Ups and Downs of Their Academic Careers

    In 1999, the first president of Russia Boris Yeltsin established the Russian Science Day – it’s celebrated on February 8, the founding day of the Russian Academy of Sciences. ITMO.NEWS asked young scientists from ITMO University to share their experience of doing research in various fields, the challenges they have to face, and why they stay in science.


  • How Well Do You Know Famous Scientists?

    Your science classroom was probably full of various scientific posters of the brightest thinkers and inventors – but how well do you actually know them and their stories? Today, on Russian Science Day, we invite you to play our fun quiz and see those people from a brand new angle. Test your knowledge of some of the best-known scientists in history by reading the quotes from them and their contemporaries and exploring our pics for hints.


  • Holography, Space Science, and More: A Timeline of Science at ITMO

    In the mid-20th century, LITMO scientists developed the first computers; today, researchers at the university develop advanced algorithms while ITMO is the world’s only seven-time champion of ICPC – the most prestigious programming competition. The “father of Russian holography,” Yuri Denisyuk, studied and worked at ITMO; it was the place where the first lasers and mirrors for space telescopes were developed. Today ITMO scientists continue to advance these fields further.