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  • Atompunk, Horror, and More: Video Games by Russian Developers

    Apart from the pioneering Tetris and the memeable Lizards Must Die, the Russian game scene can boast a heap of other binge-worthy video games, much loved by gamers in Russia and beyond.


  • Must-Read Russian Books for Learners of Any Level

    One of the best ways to build fluency in a foreign language and gain a deeper understanding of the culture is by immersing yourself in its literature in its original form, and Russian is no exception. For this article, we’ve reached out to the teachers of ITMO’s Foreign Language Training Center for their reading recommendations, from renowned classics to modern fiction. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, we’ve got something for everyone!


  • Modern Brands Inspired by Russian Culture and Folklore: Part I

    Every other week we talk about all things Russian, including traditions and crafts, which we’re particularly fond of. And judging by the amount of creators inspired by local folklore, we’re not the only ones! Here are some of our favorite brands and craftsmen who bring together traditions and modernity in most unique and creative ways.


  • When Art and Religion Collide: Orthodox Christian Icons of Russia

    In one of our previous stories, we’ve talked about another kind of ancient religious art – frescoes. Now, let’s discuss icons, their counterparts, or more like their allies when it comes to the development of spiritual and artistic traditions in Russian culture.


  • Truth VS Fiction: Russia in Pop Culture

    It’s no secret that popular culture is not a very reliable source of information. Sometimes, the same tropes and stereotypes become so wide-spread that they get their own name – in case of misrepresentations of Russian culture, this name is klyukva (meaning “cranberry”). Even though it’s not all bears, balalaikas, and vodka around here, mass media still sometimes resorts to these clichés. Today, we reminisce on some of our favorite cases of klyukva in recent history.


  • Russian Hollywood: Mosfilm Behind the Scenes

    The Mosfilm logo, with its striking image of Worker and Kolkhoz Woman, is a familiar sight in every Russian home. Over the past 100 years, the studio has released a superb collection of movies that are integral to Russian culture: they are regularly watched, rewatched, and even quoted by heart. Which iconic films did the studio produce and what does it do now? Here’s a glimpse inside the major Russian film studio that also happens to be one of the largest in Europe.


  • Three Keys to Deciphering Slavic Folklore Symbols

    ​Every culture has its own unique set of signs and patterns that, according to local beliefs, have the power to protect those who use them and help them prosper. You can find these symbols everywhere: on houses, on traditional clothing, and on other everyday objects. It’s hard to realize their full meaning today, but let us try.


  • The Most Puzzling Letter of Russian Alphabet

    Today, February 2, is the birthday of Ы – one of the most mysterious letters in the Russian alphabet. How did the letter come about? Is it true that no Russian word starts with ы? And what is its pop-culture impact? Let’s find out.


  • This Week in St. Petersburg: February 1-7, 2024

    As we tiptoe our way into the final month of winter, we’re excited to share some highlights of the upcoming week to look forward to: we’ve got a deep dive into the local history, a feast for the eyes, ears, and soul, a celebration of Asian art and culture, and much more.


  • Russian Words Even Native Speakers Find Tricky

    We might have spent our whole lives speaking Russian, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t words we still find bizarre, surprising, or even mind-blowing. Discover our team’s favorite confusing Russian words – and get another key to that mysterious Russian soul of ours.