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  • How to Start New Year Properly According to Russian Folk Culture

    There are numerous dos and don’ts in folk culture when it comes to winter holidays, since this is one of the most crucial periods of the year that sets the tone for how the next year is going to go. Are some of these still applicable today? Can we learn anything from them? Let’s find out.


  • Old and New Slavic Wedding Traditions

    Getting married in May is considered bad luck, but summer, the most popular wedding season in Russia, is just around the corner. Here are some interesting facts about both old-time and modern weddings in Slavic countries to prepare in advance.


  • Mysterious Creatures You Can Meet in Russian Countryside

    Once upon a time, every building in the village was believed to be inhabited by an entity of sorts. They could be helpful or dangerous, but in any case, they were respected and honored, so let’s find out how to treat them right. Just to be on the safe side. 


  • The Wild Side of Slavic Folklore: Animals, Plants and Related Beliefs

    The study of wildlife isn’t limited to biology and zoology – you can also approach it in a mythological and symbolic manner. That’s what our ancestors did and, thanks to folklore, we can try and perceive nature through their eyes, too.


  • Traditional Sports: Slavic Baseball, Boxing, and More

    The desire to play, have fun, and stay fit is universal all around the world and throughout the ages. Here’s how Slavic peoples did it in the past – with no gyms and stadiums required.


  • The Diverse and Colorful World of Russia’s Ancient Crafts, Part II: Laсquer Miniature

    To offset this gray winter weather, we’re back with more examples of beautiful and bright-colored crafts practiced in Russia. In today’s story, let’s learn a little something about lacquer miniature.


  • 5 Surprising Facts About Russian New Year

    What’s Old New Year? Who is Kysh Babay? And why won’t a new year come unless Zhenya and his friends go to the banya? Find all the answers below.


  • Sbiten and Vzvar: Slavic Way to Gluehnwein

    Tea and coffee were brought to Russia relatively recently, but, as you can imagine, hot beverages have always been a necessity in our climate. What kind of drinks were they, other than Ivan chai?


  • The Diverse and Colorful World of Russia’s Ancient Crafts, Part I: Toys

    Did you know that there are over 60 well-known styles of traditional crafts in Russia, each with its unique and recognizable features?


  • Ivan Chai: Better Than Tea

    Tea wasn’t introduced to Russia until the 17th century, but it wasn’t a big deal – there are hundreds of herbs that our ancestors used to make delicious and healthy brews. Ivan chai is the leader in this domain: it’s widespread, super healthy, and delicious.