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  • How to Get in Trouble at a Russian Dinner Table

    Like holding your fork in your fist? Using a napkin to blow your nose? Sitting cross-legged on your chair? Your Russian grandma – should you be lucky enough to have one – will set your Russian table manners straight, and then stuff you full.


  • Maslenitsa Fortune Telling: The Unscientific Method

    With the Maslenitsa week in full swing, what can be better than gorging on buttery, lacy blini, the Russian version of pancakes? Some might argue that it’s also learning what the coming year has in store.


  • ITMO Celebrates Maslenitsa: Stories from Students and Staff

    Do you love pancakes? This week you can eat them to your heart’s content – it’s Maslenitsa week in Russia! This celebration is all about welcoming spring and yes, gorging on pancakes, or blini, as they’re called here. We asked our students to describe how they’re celebrating this traditional Russian holiday.


  • Koliada: Russian Trick-or-Treating?

    What do Halloween and Russian Orthodox Christmas (January 7) have in common? Asking neighbors for sweets, of course!


  • Make It Magical: Guide to Russian New Year’s

    As the year draws to a close and everyone slips into holiday mode, it’s time to start thinking about how to make your New Year’s magical – and why not do it the Russian way with a late heart-warming dinner, some sparkling wine, and a visit by the one and only Ded Moroz and his granddaughter Snegurochka. Here's everything you need to know to ring in the new year like a Russian.


  • Russian New Year’s Superstitions: Building a Better Year Together in 2021

    Did you know that cleaning your house on New Year’s Eve may sweep away any luck coming your way, while wearing the wrong clothes can make the next year's symbol angry? These are just some of the most common superstitions that could bring you luck in a new year. And as we’re not taking any chances, especially this year, let’s dig into all the dos and don’ts of the upcoming New Year’s Eve together. We promise that as the clock strikes midnight, you won’t turn into a pumpkin (unless that's what you wish for).


  • Discover Yamal Peninsula: Wise Up and Learn to Welcome Change

    Sometimes I am terrified by how little I know about my own country and especially its many regions. Not long ago, I stumbled upon a short course on Yamal, a peninsula in Western Siberia, surrounded by northern seas, and it shook my world in so many ways that I can’t help but share what I learn in hopes to change yours – if only a little! 


  • The Unexpectedly Superstitious Side of St. Petersburg

    It might be the 21st century and we are planning our trips to Mars – but don’t let that fool you! Some of us still believe in superstitions and in some kind of spooky force out there casting good or bad luck our way. And if you are in for some luck, wealth, love, and maybe good grades, keep on reading – we know the secrets and are eager to fill you in.


  • Love Spring Cleaning Like a Russian

    We call it General Cleaning - it’s when you have an irresistible urge to get rid of the dust bunnies behind the couch or give your windows a polish with a crumbled newspaper, and May is a perfect time to do it. 


  • Paint Like a Russian

    If isolation has you doodling, how about trying some traditional Russian patterns? Flowers and berries and all sorts of vines, colorful, joyful and just elaborate enough to bring out your calm, happy, inner artist.