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  • ITMO Students Launch Stratospheric Satellite to Find Cure For Osteoporosis

    As part of the nationwide educational program Aerospace Engineering School, a team of ITMO students has sent a satellite into the stratosphere to find out how bone tissue is formed in low gravity and what effect silk proteins may have on the process. Potentially, the study may help prevent osteoporosis in astronauts.


  • ITMO Students Launch Stratosphere Satellite to Analyze Bone Tissue Formation in Low Gravity

    Bion Space, a team of ITMO students, became one of the finalists in the Stratosphere Satellite research and engineering program. Their project became a part of a research probe sent into the stratosphere on November 19 to analyze the way lower gravity can affect the biomimetic process of bone-like tissue formation. In the future, this data can be taken into account when designing space stations. Read on to learn more about the project.


  • Watching the Skies: Roscosmos Installs a New Set-up for Monitoring Space Debris

    Space debris is a problem that may well hinder humanity's progress and the universe's exploration. The first step to solving it is keeping track of the debris so as to calculate safe trajectories for working satellites and "catching" those that stopped functioning. Roscosmos installed a set-up for monitoring space debris's coordinates in one of Brazil's observatories. For this project, specialists from ITMO's Department of Electrical Engineering and Precision Electromechanical Systems developed high-precision electric drives that rotate the telescope.