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  • YAC/e Conference: Why Corporations Start Their Own Universities

    Businesses are becoming increasingly involved in higher education, with some companies even establishing their own universities. Is corporate EdTech becoming a threat to higher education? What does the perfect university-industry collaboration look like? Opinions from Yandex, Sberbank, VK, and Tinkoff insiders were shared during a discussion as part of YAC/e, the major educational conference organized by Yandex. The discussion was moderated by Daria Kozlova, ITMO University’s First Vice Rector and director for education at Yandex.


  • ITMO and Sberbank Take Partnership to Next Level With New Staff Training Center

    The strategic partnership between ITMO University and Sberbank in the field of robotics begins a new chapter: since 2019, the university and the banking company have offered the joint Master’s program Robotics and Artificial Intelligence; now, the program’s graduates will take leading roles as employees of the bank’s Robotics Laboratory. Here, they will work on cutting-edge R&D. The company is conducting projects on the international scientific frontier – more precisely, the field of embodied intelligence – with plans to develop the national high-tech market of service robotics.


  • A Perfect CV: Land Your First Job With These Tips from Sberbank Experts

    Even though competition for jobs in IT is infamously tough, your CV can help secure your job prospects among thousands of similar specialists on the job market. Learn how to compile one with the tips shared by experts from Sberbank at the educational forum It’s Your Call! 


  • It’s Your Call: Highlights of the Sixth Educational Forum at ITMO

    On April 17, the sixth annual educational forum It’s Your Call! kicked in at ITMO. Aimed at the participants of the I Am a Professional contest, the event features lectures and workshops by experts from ITMO, Sberbank, and Yandex on IT, cybersecurity, robotics, machine learning, programming, and controlling drones. The participants will also learn to combine research and cutting edge technologies in their own startups. The event is organized in partnership with Sberbank.


  • ITMO to Host It’s Your Call! Educational Forum: What to Expect

    On April 17-21, ITMO will welcome the educational forum It’s Your Call! for the sixth year in a row. The event is organized for the participants of the student contest I Am a Professional: there, they attend lectures and workshops on IT, product development, programming, robotics, and startups, as well as prepare for job interviews. The forum’s general partner is Sberbank.


  • ITMO to Host It’s Your Call! Educational Forum

    On September 12-16, ITMO will host the It’s Your Call! educational forum for participants of the I Am a Professional contest. At the event, supported by Sberbank, students will be able to boost their soft and hard skills, as well as attend lectures hosted by representatives of tech companies.


  • I Am a Professional: Tips From Former Winner of Programming & IT Track

    The fifth season of the I am a Professional contest welcomed more than 600,000 students from all over Russia. This year’s participants have already embarked on the tasks of the qualifying round. The ongoing competition offers 72 tracks, with Programming & IT organized by ITMO being the most popular one among students in St. Petersburg. Read on to learn the success story of last year’s winner in the track.


  • I Am a Professional: Tips From Former Winners of Technological Entrepreneurship Track

    The qualifying stage of the I am a Professional contest is in full swing. Participants will be solving tasks in various tracks till the end of the month, December 26. In February, the expert board will announce the name of those who will get the chance to compete for the first prize. How can you prepare for the competition? What kinds of difficulties you may face along the way? And how to defend your project successfully? The last year’s winner and runners-up of the track share their tips and tricks in this ITMO.NEWS article.


  • I Am a Professional: Tips From Former Winners of Information & Cyber Security Track

    Previously, winners of the Robotics track of the I Am a Professional contest shared their tips for this year’s participants. In this part of the series, bronze medal winners of the Information & Cyber Security talk about their experiences at the contest and share advice. 


  • I Am a Professional: Tips from Former Winners of Robotics Track

    I Am a Professional is a national competition for students of all fields – from humanities to engineering. Winners receive diplomas, as well as advantages when enrolling into Master’s and PhD programs, monetary prizes, and internship opportunities at major Russian companies. This year, ITMO is organizing three core tracks in partnership with Sberbank: Robotics, Programming & IT, and Information & Cyber Security, as well as a corporate track titled Technological Entrepreneurship in collaboration with VEEROUTE. We talked to the winners of last year’s Robotics track and asked them about the best ways to prepare for the contest and the importance of not underestimating your strengths.