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  • I am a Professional: Gold Medal Winners Share Their Experience

    Just recently, the award ceremony of the “I am a Professional” competition took place in Moscow. This year, 3,472 of over 500,000 students became prize winners. Over 100 participants received gold medals, including four ITMO students and one graduate. Apart from cash prizes, the winners got benefits for applying for Master’s and PhD programs as well as an opportunity to do internships at major companies. We spoke to the winners to learn why they participated in the competition, what helped them win, and how they plan to use their prizes.


  • Sberbank’s Cyber-Security Staff on Protecting Bank’s Network Perimeter

    Late February marked the end of “It’s Your Call!” winter school, organized by ITMO University in collaboration with Sberbank. Alexey Voloshchuk, the head of the St. Petersburg branch of the bank’s Cyber-Security Center, and Vladislav Verus, one of center’s staff members, contributed to the school’s program with an open lecture during which they shared some insights into the center’s approach to maintaining the integrity of the bank’s network perimeter.


  • Helping Sleepwalkers, Fighting Excessive Snow and Ensuring Better Security on Campus: Best Projects by 2019 “It’s Your Call!” Participants

    “It’s Your Call!”, a winter school organized by ITMO University together with Sberbank, has just come to a close. Attending this year were 180 contestants of the five educational tracks (Programming and IT, Data- and Cybersecurity, Big Data, Robotics, and Photonics) of the national student competition “I am a Professional”. Over the course of five days, the students took part in project work to find a solution to topical social and infrastructural issues with the help of modern technologies. All project work topics went under the common banner of “campus life”. ITMO.NEWS reports on the projects that made it onto the winners’ podium. 


  • “It’s Your Call!” Winter School Launched at ITMO University

    The Winter School “It’s Your Call!”, organized by ITMO University and Sberbank, has recently begun its second season. The school brought together the participants of the national student competition “I am a Professional” in five educational tracks (“Programming and IT”, “Data- and Cybersecurity”, “Big Data”, “Robotics”, and “Photonics”). 180 Bachelor and Master’s students came to ITMO University to compete and shared their expectations for the Winter School.


  • ITMO Hosts AI Academy Open Lessons

    Can school students predict the outcome of e-Sports tournaments and solve serious tasks on data analysis? This week, Sberbank’s “Contribution to the Future” foundation launched the AI Academy project that aims to give every school student an opportunity to find out more about AI technologies, machine learning, and Big Data analysis, as well as develop their competencies in programming and mathematics. As part of this project, ITMO University hosted open lectures on machine learning and Big Data for 7-11 grade students.


  • Sberbank President Herman Gref: ”R&D That People Ridiculed Yesterday is Taking Over Markets Today”

    Sberbank President and Chairman of the Board Herman Gref delivered an open lecture at ITMO University yesterday. He stressed the importance of being the first to reach the future and developing information and digital technologies today that will change the way we live tomorrow. What are those technologies and how are they changing business models? What mode of thinking should be adopted by the professionals of the future? ITMO.NEWS sums up the key points.


  • Blockchain’s Pro’s And Con’s: Sberbank Specialists Share

    ITMO University has recently hosted the Advanced Intelligent Technologies: Finances, Healthcare, Communications workshop as part of Russian Science Foundation’s  “Intellectual technologies of big data for decision-making support in the financial field based on predictive modeling” project. The event featured lectures by both Russian and international researchers, and brought together full-fledged professionals and young scientists who specialize in intelligent financial technologies that have to do with Big Data. Amongst the speakers for the event were Danil Kabanov and Andrei Pavlushev from Sberbank Technologies’ Competence Center for Billing Technologies, who spoke about the organization’s main areas of focus, including recent cases based on blockchain technology.


  • Open Innovations: Future According to Jack Ma and Michio Kaku

    The Open Innovations forum is taking place in Moscow. On the second day of the forum, October 17, the plenary session “Digital Economy. Society, Business, Government” was opened by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Founder of Alibaba Group Jack Ma, futurologist and scientist Michio Kaku and others discussed the impact of technology on society and how to run a business in a rapidly changing world.


  • ITMO Student Wins Sberbank Scholarship to Develop Neural Network for Investment Planning

    Natalia Khanzhina, Ph.D. student at the Computer Technologies Department, is the recipient of a scholarship from Sberbank. The fledgling researcher took part in an IT project competition that required her to make a system that would create customized investment portfolios for customers. The program involves deep-learning technology; after completion, it will be adopted by the bank’s system while Natalia herself will have the opportunity to intern in the company’s IT department or even find employment there.


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