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  • Top 3 Science Myths Busted

    There’s never been a time in human history when people weren’t so well-educated as we are today. And yet, we sometimes can’t help but fall prey to certain myths or misconceptions – whether they’re born of malice, ignorance, or misunderstanding. We got in touch with ITMO University’s Center for Science Communication to put together a list of some of the most widespread scientific tall tales and figure out the truth about them.


  • ITMO Experts on How Digital Metaspace Can Benefit Research

    Today, on June 3, a discussion about digital metaspace for scientific research took place at the stand of the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Experts from ITMO University shared how to increase the efficiency of research activities using modern digital tools.


  • 10th Congress of Young Scientists Wraps at ITMO

    For the second year in a row, the Congress of Young Scientists took place entirely online, a fact that didn’t stop it from still being a large-scale national event: more than 2,000 participants from 60 Russian cities signed up for the Congress.


  • ITMO PhD Student Anna Mikhailovskaya Receives IEEE MTT-S Graduate Fellowship

    Anna Mikhailovskaya, a PhD student at ITMO’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering, received a graduate fellowship of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society in the category Medical Application. It’s the first time the award was given to a Russian scientist. 


  • Picture of the Week: Lab-Created Universe for Cell Cultivation

    By growing calcium phosphate structures on an organic matrix, scientists obtain specific cell cultures. 


  • Eight ITMO Scientists Receive Presidential Grants

    This year’s winners of the Presidential Grant contest for young scientists have been announced. Among them are eight ITMO University researchers.


  • ITMO Student Dmitriy Tsarev on Theoretical Physicists, Quantum Physics and Its Similarities With Professional Sports

    ITMO scientists together with their colleagues from Taiwan have published a paper that could serve as a basis for next-gen technologies of ultra precision metrology. These technologies will surpass LIGO detectors, which are capable of detecting gravitational waves. ITMO.NEWS met with Dmitriy Tsarev, a member of the research team, to learn more about their work and future plans.


  • Scientists from ITMO Discover a New Way to Create Reconfigurable Topological States of Light

    A team of researchers from ITMO University and Australian National University came up with a new concept of photonic topological structures. Localized states of light in such structures appear not due to the intentionally designed lattice geometry but rather because of spatial variation of particles' properties.


  • 2020 in Retrospect: How We Went Through It Together

    2020 wasn’t easy – many of us had to change our approach to life and work. But we stayed together and helped each other no matter what. ITMO.NEWS and ITMO’s staff and students reflect on the year’s main results, achievements, unforgettable events, and proud moments.


  • Picture of the Week: Luminescent Image of Carbon Dot Layer

    For over 15 years, scientists have been exploring the nature of carbon dot emission, and this image illustrates the relationship between the emission intensity and the concentration of particles in the dry layer.