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  • Russian Naval Glory and Island Forts: A Day Trip to Kronstadt

    Kronstadt is a town located on the Kotlin Island in the Gulf of Finland. Even though it’s officially a part of St. Petersburg, its history and location make it an independently unique travel destination. In our previous article about the town, we described its history and main attractions. This time, we asked our Kronstadt-born head of the Internationalization Office, Maria Khuzina, for her expert opinion on what to see in the island-based town on Navy Day and beyond. Enjoy!


  • Mind-Blowing Research of the Month: Exploring the Deep Sea

    Yesterday was all about space exploration as we celebrated Cosmonautics Day in Russia. It’s hard to imagine, but despite venturing far out into space, we still don’t know nearly enough about the inhabitants of the Earth’s oceans and especially at their deepest levels. There, in constantly reigning darkness an enigmatic world uncurls in slow motion. How can cutting-edge research in AI and robotics help explore this world? Read on to find out.