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  • How to Be Confident: ITMO Lecturer Shares Her Tips

    We have all been there: sometimes, self-confidence can be difficult to find and foster. However, it is no impossible feat and by incorporating simple habits and practices, you can nurture your confidence step by step. That’s what we talk about in this article with Alena Bondar, who teaches the Communication and Team Building soft skills course at ITMO. Let’s dive in.


  • Friday Experiment: Attempting to Write Every Day

    Whenever life tries to get the better of me, I always find myself either with a pen and a random notebook, the first I could lay my hands on, or, lately, in front of a white blank Word page. So, when November presented me with plenty of homework, a Master’s thesis experiment, and a dozen other projects, I knew what was coming – and tried to make good use of it.


  • New Year’s Done Right: Brainy Books and Movies to Check Out This Holiday Season

    The holidays are perfect not only for partying and sleeping, but also for doing what you’ve always been putting off. Tired of socializing and stuffing yourself? Spend some time with an enlightening film or a great book. We’ve prepared a list of some of the books and movies you should check out this holiday season.


  • Procrastination: Blessing or a Curse?

    The internet is chock-full with tips on getting motivated: from watching pep-talk videos to making to-do lists. But any of these methods only work a limited number of times and don’t help us learn why we’re so prone to put off important business. During a recent lecture at New Holland’s ITMO University Lecture Hall, a clinical psychologist and founder of the Vdokh psychological support service for non-profit employees Olga Sorina shared insights into the nature of motivation, human needs, and self-control. Find highlights of her lecture below.


  • Personal Branding in 2019: the Do’s and the Don'ts

    During her open lecture at OKHTA LAB, Elnara Petrova, the CEO of SMM agency NextMedia, shared some tips on building a personal brand, working with your audience, attracting interest, taming algorithms and dealing with negativity. Below are key excerpts from Ms. Petrova’s lecture.