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  • “I Am a Professional” Winners On How Competition Changed Their Lives

    First All-Russian “I am a Professional” student competition was held last year. Attracted by the opportunity of free admission to leading Master’s and doctoral programs nationwide, 294,242 students took part in the contest. To encourage the participants, ITMO University decided to go against the usual ‘the winner takes it all’ rule and stretched the right to free admission to the winners of the Semi-Hackathon that was held as part of ITMO’s “It’s Your Call!” winter school. ITMO.NEWS met with the competitions winners who decided to apply to ITMO and asked them what was memorable about the competitions, why they decided to take part, why they chose ITMO, and how the experience changed them. 


  • ITMO Winter School Offers New Hackathon Format

    Can you bring physicists, programmers, and information security professionals to work as a single team and get them to come up with full-fledged projects in just a single week? The recent semi-hackathon which focused on addressing comprehensive problems, proposing viable products and coming up with valid merchandising strategies proved this possible. The hackathon involved more than a hundred students who came to ITMO University for the “It’s Your Call!” winter school which was organized in collaboration with Sberbank of Russia. Of the 18 participating teams, six made it into the finals, and the participants of the three winning teams won the right to enter Master’s and PhD programs at ITMO University without taking exams.


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