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  • DOERS International Startup School Winner Arina Dorofeeva

    ITMO student Arina Dorofeeva won the DOERS International Startup School with her startup project, Tamagotchi Earth. She was also one of the finalists at *ship startup festival 2021, Finland. This week we got a chance to learn more about her startup and her ambitions.


  • ITMO Business Incubator Team Attends SHIP Festival

    From July 11 to 13, the *SHIP startup-festival was held in Kotka (Finland), attended by participants from more than 20 countries. At the festival, ITMO University’s Business Incubator introduced three startups: Laeneco, Statanly Technologies and Coffee Cycle, which are currently accelerated by Future Technologies’ START program. ITMO.NEWS had a chance to talk with members of the three teams who received praise from European experts and signed preliminary contracts with investors.