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  • ITMO Staff Develop Cloud Platform for Virtual Labs

    The platform will allow students to perform their lab projects online and professors – to create hybrid laboratories based on real and virtual equipment, as well as automate the process of issuing and checking of students’ assignments.


  • How ITMO Researchers Are Using Speech Analysis to Diagnose Dementia and Parkinson's

    ITMO University researchers, as part of an international team, have developed a speech analysis algorithm for the elderly that can help diagnose neurological diseases such as dementia and Parkinson's disease in the early stages.


  • MTS and ITMO Launch Master’s Program on Conversational AI

    MTS PJSC (NYSE: MBT, MOEX: MTSS), Russia’s largest telecommunications and digital services provider, and ITMO University announce the launch of the Conversational AI Technologies specialization as part of the System and Applied Software Master’s program of the School of Computer Technologies and Control. Admission to the program has already been opened and the first students will enroll this fall.