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  • Russian Naval Glory and Island Forts: A Day Trip to Kronstadt

    Kronstadt is a town located on the Kotlin Island in the Gulf of Finland. Even though it’s officially a part of St. Petersburg, its history and location make it an independently unique travel destination. In our previous article about the town, we described its history and main attractions. This time, we asked our Kronstadt-born head of the Internationalization Office, Maria Khuzina, for her expert opinion on what to see in the island-based town on Navy Day and beyond. Enjoy!


  • St. Petersburg 101: Suburban Trains and Travel on a Budget

    An abundance of incredible destinations around St. Petersburg will open to those brave ones willing to venture into the city’s suburban trains. Here’s your guide on how to do it and discover a whole world beyond the city.


  • A Secret Guide to Pavlovsk

    Quaint, green, picturesque, and just an hour away from the city, Pavlovsk is one of the most popular destinations in suburban St. Petersburg. From its remarkable railway station to the far reaches of the beautiful park, the town is a true treasure trove of cultural sites and heritage.


  • Peterhof: a Perfect Spot for a Late Summer Trip

    Much as every other major city, St. Petersburg has its "selling points": the Hermitage, the Savior on Spilled Blood, the White Nights, to boot. Still, it is the fountains in the nearby town of Peterhof that make up its most precious jewel - and the end of summer is just the perfect time to experience it!


  • Hidden Treasures of Saint Petersburg — Gatchina

    Gatchina is the largest town in Leningrad Region, one of its cultural, industrial and educational centers (Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute and Radium Institute, as well as other important educational establishments are located there). More than anything, Gatchina is famous for its history and sights — once an attempt at creating Russia’s exemplary town, it is still proud of its heritage. Its main attraction are parks, especially the Palace park beside the Gatchina Grand Palace — built in neoclassical style, it’s a monument from Paul I’s reign who tried to make Gatchina the permanent residence of Russian Emperors.


  • The Hidden Treasures of St. Petersburg — a Quick Guide to Visiting St. Petersburg’s Suburbs

    As the new tests and deadlines approach, so does the Indian Summer — which is deemed the best time for visiting St. Petersburg’s many suburbs, their historical sights and beautiful park ensembles. Such places as the Amber Room in Pushkin or Petergof’s fountains are among St. Petersburg’s most famous tourist attractions. Still, there’s a lot more to the region than these two popular destinations.


  • Kronstadt — the "Hub of the Universe" and the Might-Have-Been Capital of Russia

    Kronstadt is a quiet green municipal town located on the Kotlin Island to the west of St. Petersburg, full of parks, gardens and boulevards. In a way, it’s a miniature St. Petersburg, with its own Gostiny Dvor, Summer Garden, Menshikov Palace, Obvodny Canal and even its own drawbridge, which makes it an ideal place to go to on a one-day trip.