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  • New York-Based Seed Stage Fund Starta Ventures Currently Accepting Applications to Online Pre-Accelerator

    The ITMO University Accelerator has recently hosted a webinar with representatives of the New York-based seed stage fund Starta Ventures. Staff members of the Starta fund and accelerator shared insights into their work and provided individual consultation to several teams.


  • E-Contenta Founder: How to Go Global With Your Start-Up

    Just a few years ago Zoya Andreeva, a B2B specialist, had an idea: could she start her own business by combining her field of expertise with Big Data technology? Thus was born the idea for E-Contenta, a personalized online marketing service. In only a couple of years the company that employed three people and frequently found itself in a dead end became a start-up that counted Google and Ericsson among its partners. Last year E-Contenta, a resident of ITMO’s Technopark, participated in the Starta Accelerator program in New York and now has several new projects in USA. Founder and CEO of E-Contenta, Zoya Andreeva, spoke to ITMO.NEWS about the do’s and don’ts of working on the global market.