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  • Russian Books to Read This Summer

    From timeless classics to easy-reading yet delightful contemporary stories, here are our editorial team’s personal recommendations on summer favorites that will keep you turning pages and learning about Russia in the process.


  • Summer Foods for When it’s Hot in St. Petersburg

    We love to eat and we love to share. So this summer, as the temperature is hitting over 30°C and we’re sweltering here at home, we’re also enjoying our favorite food and drinks that keep us refreshed and appreciative of summers in St. Petersburg.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: August 24-25, 2019

    Stop and smell the roses (or, in this case, gladioli and dahlias) at the verdant Botanical Garden, make a wish at not one but two enchanting lantern festivals, and explore the diversity of modern Russian sculpture at this fun-filled weekend in St. Petersburg!


  • Taste Summer Like a Russian

    Summer's got you down with not exactly sweltering temps? You can still pretend like it's August with fruity, fizzy and altogether joyful flavors.


  • Unexplored St. Petersburg: Sevkabel Port

    Red-brick industrialism meets wall-size murals, eateries for every taste, and of course, music and performances, at this newest seaside addition to the St. Petersburg hip scene.


  • Neon and Crocs: Dress Like a Russian

    Summer brings out the bright colors in St. Petersburg and its inhabitants. Personal style and sense of fashion shine in everything: from bold fashion choices to eccentric hair colors, like those done at the Pokras “spaceship” shop


  • 10 Movies for a Summer Night-In

    Movie Fridays is officially one year old, and we are celebrating by going back to the series’ roots: summer film recommendations. Dramatic and melancholic, flamboyant, buoyant and adventurous, you won’t go wrong with one or all of these for a great cinematic binge!


  • Summer Foods We Love

    Hot town, summer in the city… It’s summer, and if the sun is starting to get on your nerves, you’re probably aching for something fresh, cool, and delicious to keep you sane. In this article, the staff of our editorial office share some of their favorite summer delights. Check them out – you just might discover your next go-to snack!


  • Walk Like a Russian

    St. Petersburg is made for walking and that’s just what we’ll do, thought the participants of a growing movement of long-distance walkers, lacing up their sneakers. You, too, can explore the city on foot, and make some new friends while you’re at it.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: July 13-14

    Tours of the most elegant and romantic sailboats, classical and contemporary music in cool venues, and an amazing summer fair at the Sevkabel Port – you’ll find it all in our weekly roundup of the city’s best Saturday and Sunday events!