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  • Where to Go on a Date in St. Petersburg

    Summer is a time for going out and about, enjoying the company of others, and loving life. St. Petersburg can be a very romantic place, and there are plenty of ways to spend time with that special person. So whether you’re keen to go on an extra special date, spend a fun day out with a friend, or just have some well-deserved me time, we have some ideas to make a good day-te great.


  • Summer Drinks for When it’s Hot in St. Petersburg

    Sometimes it feels like summer just suddenly appears on our doorstep in St. Petersburg, and this year is no exception. For those of us who managed to buy a fan during the heatwave last summer, we’re relieved to have it now as the humidity settles all around us in the city. So we’re dealing with it by grabbing some fresh and fun cool summer drinks. Here are some of our favorites. 


  • Student Spotlight: Hang Ly, Vietnam

    Meet our Vietnamese international student: Hang Ly, who is currently studying Russian at ITMO’s Foundation Program. In this interview, she shares her thoughts on being an international student and learning Russian. Through her personal opinions and stories, you can find a lot of useful information about ITMO and St. Petersburg. Read on to get a glimpse of her summer plans, too.


  • Top-Notch Summer: International Students’ Insights

    We love summer for its easy-going and adventurous spirit, as well as for its hot days and starry nights. What do our international students do to make the most of their holidays here in Russia? Read on to discover their plans and goals for the sunny season.


  • How To: Cycling in St. Petersburg

    We here at ITMO like our bikes: they are convenient, eco-friendly, and are a fun, healthy alternative to the city’s public transport. Moreover, they can even be a part of a long-standing tradition, such as our Bike Ride with the Rector. Here is everything you will need to know to explore the bike life in St. Petersburg, courtesy of our staff and students.


  • Our Top 7 Summer Must-Dos in St. Petersburg

    Want to have a truly St. Petersburg summer experience? Here are our top local activities to make this season one to remember.


  • Love Mushrooms and Berries Like a Russian

    Early August is a perfect time to gorge on the gifts of the forest (and garden), many of which you can buy at small markets by the metro and railroad stations. Here’s a quick guide to your new favorite treats.


  • Typical Russian Summer Part 2: The Best Childhood Memories

    Just in a blink of an eye the first half of the summer is gone, but that only means there’s a half more to go. What would that be like for an adventurous Russian kid?


  • Essential Summer Activities Checklist

    Last year, we were all forced to alter our plans for the summer, as well as our trusted routines. This year, as the world is gradually reawakening, we’ll have to learn what summer feels like once again. We have gathered the most romantic summer activities we could think of into the handy checklist below so that you can experience your best three months of sun and carelessness – and stay safe doing it. Enjoy! 


  • Typical Russian Summer Part 1: The Best Childhood Memories

    Sour cream on your nose, zelenka on your knees… Although the older you get the more opportunities you have, the brightest memories of summer usually come from our childhood. Let’s go undercover to discover all the perks of spending these hot, adventurous, and green months as a kid in a small town somewhere in our immense country.