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  • Summer Bridge Scholarship by ITMO’s Russian-French Lab: Join an Interdisciplinary Project and Get Your First Scientific Paper Published

    Right after finishing their summer exams, students from ITMO and other universities will have the opportunity to participate in the Summer Bridge Scholarship, a paid internship at ITMO University’s Russian-French Laboratory of Hybrid Crystal Nanophotonics. The organizers will choose a total of 15 interns (Bachelor’s and Master’s students), who will work on fundamental and applied interdisciplinary scientific projects, from developing new types of nanoparticles to creating nanomaterials for long-term storage of foodstuffs and drug delivery. The internship will last for 2.5 months, after which all participants will get a one-time money reward. Other advantages include opportunities to get your article published, experience of working as part of an international team, and enrolling in a joint Russian-French PhD program. Here’s more on the internship.