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  • This Stay-at-Home Weekend in St. Petersburg: Online Theater and Comedy Performances

    This weekend, wash your hands like Lady Macbeth and treat yourself to some top-notch, chef’s kiss theater and comedy performances streamed directly into your home!


  • ITMO’s Intelligentsia Culture Club: Be Kinder to Others and Never Fear Change

    We all know that St. Petersburg is a city where culture in all its diverse shapes and forms can be found in abundance – what with all the libraries, theaters and museums that surround you literally every time you go out for a walk. Sometimes it feels like the magic of its theaters, museums and libraries can only be discovered by the trusted few. Well, those at Intelligentsia, ITMO’s culture club, happen to know just how to break this uncanny spell. 


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: July 27-28

    Theatrical performances in Yelagin Park, Swan Lake at the Mariinsky Theater, a knight tournament in Vyborg and, of course, Navy Day – this weekend is jam-packed with cool events for you to attend!


  • My Game Plan for Summer in St. Petersburg

    How do I plan to spend my summer in St Petersburg? Besides catching up with friends and mushroom hunting, here’s what’s on my list:


  • All St. Petersburg's a Stage: Must-Visit Unusual Theaters

    Often referred to as the Cultural Capital of Russia, St. Petersburg is all about galleries, exhibitions, art spaces, museums, concerts, creative meetings, poetry readings and street art. But its main attraction is theater, “a true temple of art”. Classic or modern, royally chic or hidden in dark cellars, with a rich history or brand new, innovative, social or bold, you can find whatever you like! Stop, you don’t like theater at all? You just haven’t found the right one for you yet! You're just starting to learn Russian? You don't have to understand everything to enjoy the atmosphere and the experience. Here we have several modern and unpretentious theaters you can start your search with…


  • Neurotheater as an Instrument of Cognitive Science

    Brain activity is usually measured for such practical applications as creating protheses that can be controlled with the power of one’s mind, or other devices for people with disabilities. Still, it has also become an artistic instrument in theatrical art: artists use information on brain activity to show how neurotechnology and substitution of human organs by technological devices can affect communication and even our very existence. Professor Aleksander Väljamäe recently gave an open lecture on the issue. ITMO.NEWS gives us a summary.


  • Culture Calling: Where to Enjoy Classical Music in St. Petersburg

    Can there be any perks in summer’s ending? A resolute yes, if you live in St. Petersburg. Here the beginning of fall marks the start of yet another cultural season and all the theaters, galleries and museums beam up with shiny new programs that awaken an avid theater-goer and art connoisseur even in the most indifferent inhabitant of the city on Neva. If you yourself ever feel that tug of culture luring you away from your comfortable couch into the St. Petersburg’s theatrical and musical unknown, we’re introducing a series of articles with our top recommendations on where to go and what to see, starting with the best classical music destinations. 


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: August 4-5

    A blues music festival, a local produce fair, and a sailing regatta: as always, St. Petersburg is buzzing with events you can attend this weekend!


  • ITMO Students Perform Karl Capek's R.U.R. on Stage

    On May 18, a premiere performance of “Rossum’s Universal Robots” was staged in English by the Foreign Languages Training Center at ITMO University. The play was directed by Valentina Diulger with the script adapted by Alexandra Nikitina.. Students from both ITMO University and the Higher School of Economics acted in the play. It was attended by students and lecturers, friends and relatives of the actors and participants of IEEE ICPS 2018 conference.   


  • Motion Capture, VR and Video 360: New Technologies Enter Classical Art

    Choreography in VR, multimedia theatrical performances and virtual actors on a real stage - more and more new technologies are being introduced into classical art. Digital theatricals are now shifted with a single press of a button, and the very theaters have long developed their own data centers, started using analytical systems and are now looking to introduce  360 degree videos, as well as virtual and augmented reality systems. Arseny Nikolaev, ITMO graduate and chief engineer of Mariinsky Theatre’s  IPTV sector, speaks about new multimedia projects and the prospects of using new technologies in classical theatre.