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  • Recap of IT_Conf 3.0: Careers in IT, AI in Business and Cybersecurity

    What does the future hold for the IT sector? What role will AI play in it? And what does it take to thrive in IT today? At this year’s IT_Conf, experts from SberMarket, Yandex, VK, HeadHunter, MTS, Tinkoff, and ITMO covered these and other questions in great detail. Here are the highlights of the event.


  • Tinkoff Magazine Names ITMO Best Technical University in Russia

    Tinkoff Magazine, one of Russia’s largest media outlets on lifestyle and finance, has released its ranking of the best universities in the country for 2023. The list is split into nine categories, with ITMO in the lead among technical universities. 


  • Two ITMO Students Among Winners of the First Scholarship Program by Tinkoff

    This year Tinkoff company launched the first scholarship program for promising students of Russian universities. Out of 14,000 applicants, only 80 became winners. Among them are two ITMO students – Konstantin Baltsat and Gleb Demin from the Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies. We talked to them and found out what helped them succeed.