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  • Three Video Games for a Ghostly Weekend

    Happy Halloween! With this spookiest holiday of them all setting the theme for an unusually long weekend, we thought we’d treat to you to our finest selection of eerie video games. These gems are a perfect fit for the occasion: not too long, just enough scary and mysterious, and leaving you with a bittersweet aftertaste of unanswered questions. 


  • How to Get a Job in Game Development

    The long-awaited Russian videogame Atomic Heart is embroiled in controversy. It wasn’t long ago that the game’s trailer racked up over 500,000 views on YouTube – a near-unprecedented number for a Russian game – but some of the game’s developers have anonymously complained of unnecessarily rough management at the studio and constant, unpredictable firings. We spoke to members of the Russian GameDev community, educators, and partners of ITMO University’s Master’s program ‘Game Development Technologies’ to find out if the rumors about Atomic Heart have any weight to them, and how newcomers to the industry can avoid such situations.


  • ITMO Scientists Analyzed Gaming Behavior to Predict Players’ Gender

    ITMO University researchers managed to determine players’ gender based on the data garnered via an online gaming platform. In this, they were one of the first to apply machine learning to analyze a large body of gaming data. The innovative approach has the potential to improve the personal recommendations system for a more targeted offering of games. It can also be used to detect gaming addictions. The research was presented at the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence.


  • What It’s Like to Make Games for a Living

    In the past year, profit from video gaming amounted to 137 billion USD. The moviemaking industry, for comparison, “only” makes two-thirds of that, a measly 90 billion. And the market for games keeps on growing as handheld devices start to surpass PlayStation 3 in performance. Artem Polyakov, a business development director at TRACE Studio, came to ITMO University last week to talk with students about making it in today’s expanding market. 


  • ITMO University and Russian eSports Federation Launch Scholarships for Gamers

    ITMO University and the Russian eSports Federation have launched Russia’s first-ever scholarship for cyberathletes. To become a recipient, students need to score well on their Unified State Exam (USE), enroll in a tuition-free program and win the cyberathlete portfolio competition. Recipients of the scholarship will be given a monthly stipend of 10,000 rubles throughout their first semester; those who pass their first exam session with high marks will continue receiving the stipend in their second semester.


  • Video Games vs. MBAs: How Gaming Makes You a Better Employee

    Are video games good or bad for you? Miroslava Valkevich, a journalist and former television host, delivered an open lecture at ITMO University. In her opinion, video games affect players positively because they help them to acquire many soft skills. She gave examples on how gamers can develop leadership and teamwork skills, while ITMO.NEWS reviewed the experts' opinions on the subject.


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