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  • Atompunk, Horror, and More: Video Games by Russian Developers

    Apart from the pioneering Tetris and the memeable Lizards Must Die, the Russian game scene can boast a heap of other binge-worthy video games, much loved by gamers in Russia and beyond.


  • Virtual Splendor: St. Petersburg in Video Games

    With its striking, timeless look, St. Petersburg is a city that lends itself well to every medium. We’ve already told you about the many appearances it has made in cinema, both Russian and international, but today, we’ll focus on the most interactive way to (re-)experience the city: video games. From painstaking recreations to vibes-based amalgamations, here are some of the best ways to explore St. Petersburg in virtual form:


  • Student Video Games and Expert Talks: Highlights of First ITMO.GameDev Day

    Over 400 visitors of the recent ITMO.GameDev Day conference tested 18 video and board games created by students of Russian universities while learning more about game development by the industry’s leading experts. The event was organized by ITMO’s Game Development School. 


  • Truth VS Fiction: Russia in Pop Culture

    It’s no secret that popular culture is not a very reliable source of information. Sometimes, the same tropes and stereotypes become so wide-spread that they get their own name – in case of misrepresentations of Russian culture, this name is klyukva (meaning “cranberry”). Even though it’s not all bears, balalaikas, and vodka around here, mass media still sometimes resorts to these clichés. Today, we reminisce on some of our favorite cases of klyukva in recent history.


  • Scientists in St. Petersburg Find a Way to Study Game Addiction

    Researchers from ITMO University, St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”, and Almazov National Medical Research Centre discovered that the brain pathways responsible for self-control, pleasure, and affection change in people who regularly play video games; whereas their cognitive functions remain unchanged, which is visible on functional MRI scans. The study's findings might be used for early diagnosis of game addiction.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: April 1-2, 2023

    As we are snowed under once again (who said it was mid-spring?), this weekend we suggest you stay inside and enjoy art, play old-school games, and feast your ears on some classical music. Learn more in our guide. 


  • St. Petersburg’s First Esports Gaming Venue Opens at ITMO

    KronBars Arena is a state-of-the-art e-gaming location with powerful desktops, last-gen consoles, and a recording studio where prospective and current students, as well as employees, from ITMO and other universities can record podcasts and streaming videos, play computer games, and participate in esports tournaments.


  • Even More Co-Op Games To Play With Your Friends

    If you already know why pigs and rainy rooftops are no good, you might be craving a new adventure you and your game buddy could embark on. Would it be a hilarious action with definitely-not-a-vampire Vlad? Or maybe a heartfelt story of yarnies chasing a spark? And what about your favorite movie characters… turned minifigs? Read on to find your next co-op obsession for PC or console.


  • Think Like an AI: ITMO Students Create a Game Where You Guess Words Using Artificial Intelligence Logic

    According to the rules, the word changes every day. In its first week, the game was downloaded by 31,000 individual users, while the project’s Telegram channel gained two thousand new subscribers. Version 2.0, released just a couple of days ago, was played 10 thousand times in the 24 hours since launch. Why is the game so popular, what inspired its creation, and what type of feedback are they getting – we discussed all of this with Michil Egorov, a fourth-year Bachelor’s student at ITMO’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies, team member at the Learning Analytics Center , and the game’s lead designer.


  • Esports at ITMO: Join the Community and Play With Your Team

    Did you know that at ITMO’s KronBars Club, you can get your points for physical education by competing for the university as an esports athlete? We got together with Daniil Kirpichenko, the head of esports at KronBars, to ask all about this opportunity: from entry requirements for athletes to ITMO’s star players and in-house tournaments.