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  • ITMO Students Receive First Place at DevGAMM Awards

    Students of ITMO University’s Faculty of Digital Transformation (Master’s program Game Development Technologies) have placed first in the Best Student Game category at DevGAMM Awards 2021 and secured a prize of $4,000. The competition was held as part of the game developer conference DevGAMM – the largest of its kind in Eastern Europe. The event is held annually in Moscow, Kyiv, Minsk, and other cities in the region.


  • Experts Discuss Future of Russian Esports

    Following Team Spirit’s win in the Dota 2 world championship The International 10, Russian experts have once again begun to discuss the development prospect of esports and whether it could one day become a recognized Olympic sport. How should this be done? Do universities need educational programs in esports? And how does gaming affect players’ health? These and other questions were discussed at a TASS press conference on the development of esports.


  • For Two and More: Best Local Co-Op Games on PC

    Whether you want to join your forces to make a daring escape from prison, get love advice from a goofy book, or finally settle who reigns supreme, there’s a co-op game here for you.


  • How the Russian Gaming Market Reached New Levels During the Pandemic

    With the huge changes that were brought on by the pandemic, many people around the world found themselves stuck at home. This was the case for the Russians, too. Video games came to the rescue. So how exactly did COVID-19 influence the Russian gaming market?


  • Old Video Games We Still Enjoy

    New games appear on the market every day but we believe it’s not a reason to forget the classics. Check out our list of some more than 15-year-old video games that are still worth playing.  


  • Your Guide to Gaming in Fall-Winter of 2020

    If this year’s many weeks of self-isolation haven’t already made you an adept of the gamepad and keyboard, then the fall-winter season surely will: the cold, long nights combined with a slew of anticipated releases and a whole new generation of consoles make for a potent mixture. Let’s go ahead and take a glance at all the things 2020 still has in store.


  • ITMO University Holds Closing Ceremony of 9th Congress of Young Scientists in Minecraft

    This year, the winning participants of the Congress of Young Scientists were invited to a closing ceremony held in the blocky format of the video game Minecraft. The winners visited virtual classrooms, the assembly hall, and cafeteria, while the most adventurous ventured into the rector's office. The hosts promised that the event would be held in full despite the quarantine, leading them to pick a different approach to the traditional tour of the University. 


  • Five Nintendo Switch Games to Brighten Up Your Holidays at Home

    The Nintendo Switch is becoming popular all over the world and the quarantine is no doubt a contributing factor. As we all seem to be stuck at home even for May holidays, here’s a list of fascinating single-player games to set out on an adventure straight from your couch.


  • ITMO's First Game Development Graduates on Russian GameDev and Their Careers

    Three years ago, the Master’s program in Game Development Technologies was launched at ITMO University. There are two specializations: Game Design and In-Game Technologies, which includes game engine development and artificial intelligence programming. During their studies, students of this program participated in creating applications for the 2019 Minsk European Games and WorldSkills Kazan 2019. Now, they work at major game development companies. We asked the first graduates to tell us about their career paths, and experience they gained at the university.


  • Safe and Social: Video Games to Play in Self-Isolation

    Finally, there’s a perfectly good excuse to escape into the gripping world of online gaming – you can now get Physical Education credits for winning! As we hunker down to self-isolate, video games can also be a safe and fun way to connect with friends and strangers, and never be alone. Check out our brief guide to interactive genres and hold onto your gamepads!