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  • Your Guide to Gaming in Fall-Winter of 2020

    If this year’s many weeks of self-isolation haven’t already made you an adept of the gamepad and keyboard, then the fall-winter season surely will: the cold, long nights combined with a slew of anticipated releases and a whole new generation of consoles make for a potent mixture. Let’s go ahead and take a glance at all the things 2020 still has in store.


  • Five Nintendo Switch Games to Brighten Up Your Holidays at Home

    The Nintendo Switch is becoming popular all over the world and the quarantine is no doubt a contributing factor. As we all seem to be stuck at home even for May holidays, here’s a list of fascinating single-player games to set out on an adventure straight from your couch.


  • Safe and Social: Video Games to Play in Self-Isolation

    Finally, there’s a perfectly good excuse to escape into the gripping world of online gaming – you can now get Physical Education credits for winning! As we hunker down to self-isolate, video games can also be a safe and fun way to connect with friends and strangers, and never be alone. Check out our brief guide to interactive genres and hold onto your gamepads!


  • How to Find Your Favorite Video Game Genre

    Gaming is booming but you’re not sure how to get in on the action? Feel like trying your hand at world-building or impossible missions? Check out our nifty guide to help you navigate the diverse world of video game genres and find the best fit for you.


  • Ready Player One: Games We Play Over the Holidays

    While some of us can’t wait for the holidays to start before snuggling up with their favorite book or surrounding themselves with scented candles as they put on a great movie, others prefer to dive into completely different worlds. I went around my little gamer community to get the best stories about the games my friends play during the holiday season and why. So, grab a mug of your preferred festive beverage and let’s get on with our holiday fairytales. 


  • Three Video Games for a Ghostly Weekend

    Happy Halloween! With this spookiest holiday of them all setting the theme for an unusually long weekend, we thought we’d treat to you to our finest selection of eerie video games. These gems are a perfect fit for the occasion: not too long, just enough scary and mysterious, and leaving you with a bittersweet aftertaste of unanswered questions. 


  • Work on the Plot, Not the Graphics: Making VR-Gaming Mainstream

    Why are emotional context and the plot more important in a game than graphics? How can we save VR from fading into obscurity once the hype dies down and promote its use in not only gaming but elsewhere? Nelson Zagalo, associate professor of the University of Aveiro (Portugal), author of several books on videogame history and an active member of the Portuguese Society of Video Games Sciences, answered these questions. He was a guest at the second meeting of the VR/AR Association & ITMO University, organized by ITMO’s Department of Graphic Technologies of together with the project and the International Association for Virtual and Augmented Reality. Here are the highlights of his speech.


  • Second Day of VK Fest

    The second day of the main open-air event of St. Petersburg – VK Fest – has ended. Just like on the first day, the organisers of each location provided visitors with a chance to dance, learn how to make friends, visit workshops, walk through famous museums in VR format, play computer games and also learn about how to create them on their own. ITMO.NEWS has written about several key locations at this year’s festival.


  • Game Development Education on the Rise in Russia

    According to Newzoo, the global games market will reach almost 109 billion dollars by the end of 2017. University programs that train future game developers also grow in number. The Russian games market is expected to reach 1.4 billion by the end of this year, say Newzoo. However there are still very few game development programs in Russia. Where and how can one learn the subject and can universities train developers and managers at an acceptable level? This was the topic of a panel discussion at the GameDev Meetup organized by GameBeets community. The event’s organizers and speakers spoke with ITMO.NEWS about the future of game development in higher education, talent shortage, market needs and the reasons why neural networks can’t replace humans – at least for now.