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  • New by ITMO Scientists: Digital Service to Facilitate Artificial Enzymes for Industry and Medicine

    Researchers from ITMO University have developed a web platform that is capable of predicting a nanozyme’s (artificial enzyme) capability to accelerate chemical reactions – with high accuracy and in mere seconds. Apart from being free, the platform is user-friendly, as it’s equipped with a ChatGPT-based assistant. Among its applications is the development of new cancer treatments and sensors of hazardous materials. The platform was described in a paper published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters.


  • ITMO Scientists Unveil Algorithm to Predict Properties of Organic Solvents

    The staff of ITMO’s Center for AI in Chemistry have designed a free service that predicts properties of organic solvents. These substances find their applications in pharmaceutical, oil, and cosmetics industries. The research behind the algorithm is described in a paper published in Green Chemistry.


  • Tools for Scientists: Use These to Bring Your Search for Papers to the Next Level

    Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just complete your research if you want to publish it in a high-ranking journal. You need to find your collaborators and select the right journal – not to mention correctly compiling your application. This sounds like a lot of work, but luckily there are a lot of services that can help you on this quest. Ivan Sterligov, Russia’s leading expert on scientometrics and science communication and advisor to Vice Rector at HSE University, has shared his favorite tools at a recent webinar hosted by ITMO Library. Here is a summary of his talk.


  • New Master’s Program by ITMO and VK to Train Web Service Developers

    Admissions are open to the Distributed Web Services Master’s program, implemented by ITMO’s Institute of Applied Computer Science in collaboration with VK Education. Graduates will specialize in developing fault-tolerant distributed systems. The program will be of interest for applicants with a fundamental IT education.


  • How Computer Algorithms Help Study Metabolic Processes on the Deepest Level

    Scientists from ITMO’s International Laboratory “Computer Technologies” have launched GATOM, a new version of their online service GAM (Genes and Metabolites). The platform analyzes the gene expression and cell processes, as well as looks for the connections between them. This helps researchers figure out how, for instance, the cells of an immune system function. The scientists are confident that their tool will not only help better understand biological processes at the cellular level but also benefit the development of treatment for autoimmune diseases and cancer.