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  • International Winter Schools 2021-2022: Python, Hackathons, and More

    Looking for some opportunities to train your professional skills, discover new fields, or present your project? Here are six winter schools, both on- and offline, that are a great chance to boost your knowledge and skills, as well as practice your English! 


  • Winter Schools to Join This Year

    We made a list of the best winter schools to study VR development, Python programming, game design, meta-analysis, and social entrepreneurship.


  • Besting Elon Musk at Memristors and Making a Vascular System Model to End Animal Testing: Results of SCAMT Workshop Week

    Yet another installment of the international winter school SCAMT Workshop Week has recently wrapped up at ITMO University. Over the course of a week, more than 40 participants from different Russian cities were attending lectures, collaborating on scientific projects, mastering working with state-of-the-art equipment and just getting to know each other. ITMO.NEWS met the organizers and students to find out what they’d found the most memorable.


  • Travels with Benefits: International Winter Schools 2019

    Short-term summer and winter programs give students a great opportunity to immerse themselves in the academic environment of different universities all over the world, meet their international counterparts and combine travel with professional development. This article presents some of the best options for this winter. Remember that tuition-free students can apply for 70% of your trip costs to be covered by ITMO University; just make sure to submit your application a month before your trip. Information on full conditions for availing of the program can be found here. Additionally, in this and this articles by ITMO.NEWS, past exchange students from ITMO share about their experiences and give some useful tips and tricks.