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  • E-Cycles, Universal Chargers, and Edible Packaging: Top Projects From Young Scientists’ Exhibition at ITMO

    More than 300 participants, nearly 40 projects, and a dozen of commercial businesses took part in a recent exhibition of projects by young scientists at ITMO. The event allowed its participants to not only showcase their work before a wide audience, but find partners, too. More about the most fascinating projects below.


  • ITMO Fellowship: ITMO Launches New Postdoc Track for Young Scientists Across Russia

    In addition to working with companies like Gazprom Neft, Sberbank, Yandex, and other industry leaders, participants of the new program will have the opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research in fields such as quantum communications, optics, smart technologies, robotics, and others pursued at ITMO University. The track provides young researchers with a comprehensive adaptation package (special housing conditions, a health insurance package, and additional funding for purchasing equipment and consumables) to make their move to St. Petersburg more convenient. Applications are accepted through May 15.


  • Student Spotlight: Saadiallakh Normatov, Kazakhstan

    22-year-old Saadiallakh Normatov traveled from his home in Kazakhstan to ITMO driven by a passion for his craft – computational chemistry. Now a student in the Infochemistry Master’s program, he shares the origin of his story, his first impressions of ITMO, and some insider’s tips for those wishing to follow in his footsteps and join the Infochemistry Scientific Center.


  • ITMO Scientists Named Best at Blue Sky Research Competition

    Four research projects developed by scientists from ITMO University received the top accolades in this year’s Blue Sky Research competition, which focuses on AI applications in agricultural and food industries, with winners receiving 1.5-million-ruble grants. This competition aims to support young researchers with promising high-risk ideas. 


  • Physicist Andrey Bogdanov on How ITMO Helps School Students Become Scientists

    Once an aspiring teen himself, Andrey Bogdanov now inspires today’s schoolkids to pursue careers in science. In this interview, the researcher explains how to talk to kids about nanophotonics and metamaterials, reflects on whether it’s worth it to prepare future scientists from school, and expands on what ITMO does in this field.


  • Preaccelerator Programs for UMNIK Winners To Be Held at ITMO University

    As a winner of the competition organized by the Foundation For Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE), ITMO University is now authorized to conduct preaccelerator programs for recipients of the UMNIK grants. This will allow the university to encourage innovation and support young scientists and entrepreneurs more actively.


  • ITMO Advanced Engineering School to Host First National School in High-Tech Production

    ITMO University’s Advanced Engineering School (AES) is partnering with Tatneft on its first PE (Principal Engineer) school – an initiative for young scientists looking for knowledge and skills needed to make the transition from fundamental studies into the industry. Representatives of companies and startup CEOs will share practical advice on transforming ideas into high-tech products and releasing them onto the market.


  • Ivan Deyneka on Being a PI and Designing High-Precision Sensors and Communication Networks

    Principal Investigators (PIs) become a more and more popular academic position. Are there established PIs in Russia? What prospects do they see in their work? We asked scientists from ITMO University who lead their own research teams and complete major projects for industrial partners to answer these and other related questions. In the first issue of the series, researcher Ivan Deyneka will discuss working on several large projects at once and becoming a PI by the age of 33.


  • Best Graduation Papers Among ITMO Students

    Two students of the Physics of Nanostructures Bachelor’s and Physics and Technology of Nanostructures Master’s programs won the national competition for the best graduation papers in the category Photonics, Instrumentation, Optical Biotechnical Systems, and Technologies.


  • Reservoir Computing and New Surgical Materials: This Year’s Presidential Grant-Winning Projects by ITMO’s Young Scientists

    The Council for Grants of the President of the Russian Federation has published the results of its grant contest for young scientists. This year, eight researchers from ITMO working in different fields – physics, chemistry and technical sciences – made it onto the list of winners.