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  • ITMO and NTU to Collaborate on Academic Mobility Programs

    ITMO University was recently visited by a delegation from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). The main topic of the conversation between the two universities was the development of academic mobility programs. As of today, ITMO and NTU are already working together on research in predictive modeling and translational technology. In near future, the partners intend to strengthen their partnership in the area of student mobility.


  • Visualization and Computation: ITMO to Collaborate with University of Oslo

    ITMO’s eScience Research Institute and University of Oslo have signed a memorandum of understanding. Andrei Karsakov, engineer of eScience Research Institute, and Anna Bilyatdinova, lecturer at the High Performance Computing Department, shared the details in an interview to ITMO.NEWS.


  • Scientists Virtually Tested Decision Support System for Medicals

    Russian scientists from Saint Petersburg created a computer simulation to test a system coordinating the work of dispatchers, ambulance and hospital staff. The simulation results showed that the service can improve the decision efficiency of medical workers when caring for patients with a suspected heart attack. Now implemented virtually, the system can share some of its elements with medical practices as soon as next year, according to the developers. Their findings were published in the Future Generation Computer Systems.