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  • A Multiuse Robot for Medical Applications Designed at ITMO

    Researchers from ITMO University have created a multipurpose robot complex for laser treatment of medical device surfaces, like those of dental and skull implants. The designed technology can be utilized to imbue metal implants with antibacterial and biocompatible properties, as well as mark medical items. All one needs to do is load a 3D model of an implant into a program, set a processing trajectory, and pick a surface attribute of choice.


  • Physics for Everyone: Exploring ITMO’s Projects for School Students

    Physics is a complex science that includes many branches, including theoretical and applied physics, laser technologies, and new materials. How can you make sense of it all? In this article, we review ITMO’s free educational projects that help school students navigate physics and determine their future career path.


  • ITMO Scientists Develop Simple Method to Create Durable Anti-Fraud Trademarks

    ITMO University physicists collaborated with experts from Laser Center to develop a new production method for holographic anti-fraud trademarks. With the new technology, it is possible to print unique multicolor 3D holograms on any metal products to protect them from counterfeit. Apart from being highly durable, the trademarks can be made using minimal equipment. The developers claim that this method is cheaper and more secure than the conventional holographic stickers. 


  • Student Spotlight: Raed Nasser, Syria

    Despite challenges, Raed's determination to pursue higher education in the discipline of his choice led him to Russia, where he not only excelled in his studies but also found solace in the vibrant city of St. Petersburg. In this exclusive interview, Raed opens up about his homeland, his academic journey at ITMO, and the profound impact of living amidst the cultural richness of Russia’s Northern Capital.


  • Improving Lasers: ITMO Scientists Suggest a New Way to Couple Light and Matter

    A new approach has been suggested at ITMO to enhance interaction of light and matter during metamaterials production. Compared to conventional methods, the novel approach requires less precision and relies on cheaper equipment, while producing more compact and sensitive lasers. The study was described in an article published in Nano Letters. 


  • Summer School in Laser Technologies: Helping Students Kickstart Their Research

    Talented and passionate school students can get their chance to work with lasers at ITMO’s Summer School in Laser Technologies. Those who present their projects at the national Congress of Young Scientists will receive additional points when applying to ITMO’s Bachelor’s programs. Read on to learn more about the school.


  • Laser Physicists: What They Do and How You Can Become One

    From cancer diagnostics and treatment to observation of gravitational waves and high-speed fiber-optic internet connection – laser technologies have a plethora of applications. They are all developed by laser physicists. Read on to learn more about their work and how you can train to be one of them.


  • ITMO Researchers Find Way to Make Packaging Cheap, Easy to Apply

    Color laser marking is a technology that helps brands protect their products by applying unique QR codes and barcodes. While the method is good at fighting counterfeiting, the process itself is rather complicated and time-consuming. But with the technology suggested by scientists from ITMO University, manufacturers can produce protective labels for a range of products, including jewelry and optical devices, in just two seconds with no expensive equipment needed. The results of the study were published in Materials Letters.  


  • Learn, Research, Commercialize: The Wealth of Opportunities at ITMO’s Institute of Laser Technologies

    If you decide to join the Institute of Laser Technologies as a student, you won’t have to choose just one area to focus on. Here, you can train to become an expert in photonics and laser technologies, develop new materials, devices, and laser-based targeted drug delivery methods, as well as launch and market your own project. This new department was launched at ITMO in 2022 and combines three cutting-edge laboratories under its roof. Read all about it in this ITMO.NEWS article.


  • How Biomimetics Helps Scientists Create Materials With New Properties

    Biomimetics is an approach that helps scientists develop new materials and devices based on principles present in nature. We’ve talked about how it’s applied in robotics, but there are many other fields in which it’s also used. For example, physicists working with lasers make use of biomimetics to edit and enhance properties of various materials.