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  • Bright Prospects: ITMO Researcher Svetlana Roslyakova on Lighting Engineering, Her Path to Science, and Being a Mom

    Svetlana Roslyakova is a lighting engineer. Having once chosen this career path, she hasn’t ever regretted it: she’s had the chance to work in the industry in Moscow and design lighting for two major chain stores; she also received the KOLBA award for women in science and technology. She continues growing as a professional, now as a mother of two. In this interview, she talks applications of lighting design and combining family life with a blooming career. 


  • Turn to Light: Using Lighting Solutions to Attract Visitors to Cultural Events

    We use lighting in everyday life, for instance, to organize our workspaces, but lighting engineers, artists, and designers apply it in more creative ways. What color temperature works best for a particular painting? Can lighting attract more visitors to historical museums and classical music concerts? And how can we make street installations and light shows appealing to millions of people every year? Here is a recap of the most interesting cases presented at the recent international conference Lighting Design.


  • Lighting Design Conference Showcases Future of Urban Lighting in St. Petersburg

    On October 13-14, industry experts, local authorities, and lighting design specialists gathered together at the 6th Lighting Design Conference to discuss a range of topics, from how lighting design can help create a comfortable and safe urban environment to what the city’s lighting system will look like in eight years. Aside from the discussions, the conference featured the reveal of a city-wide lighting design concept for the St. Petersburg of 2030. Here is a recap of the recent conference.


  • ITMO Students Present Their Projects at International Light Nights Festival

    The winners of the international art festival Light Nights in Gatchina will be announced in late September. This year, one of the most large-scale events in lighting design gathered over 14,000 participants and visitors from Russia, Belarus, Lebanon, and other countries. Among them were Master’s students from ITMO University, who presented their projects.


  • ITMO Students to Run for Light Nights Competition

    The call for applications for the International Competition of Light Installations, Video Art, and Videomapping is now open. The expert board will select 20 winners who will create their art projects at an art residence and present them at the Light Nights Festival in Gatchina, Leningrad Oblast. One of the event’s partners is ITMO’s Creative Lighting Department. As in previous years, ITMO Master’s students will compete for the right to perform at the festival.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: January 29-30, 2022

    The first month of 2022 is almost behind us. Do you still feel this “new year – new me” energy? It’s okay if you don’t, we kind of feel you on that one, so here is our best attempt to make it better – a new freshly baked weekend guide. Inside you will find time-traveling and light-capturing opportunities and much more. Let’s rekindle our inner flames this weekend!


  • Lighting Designer Jari Vuorinen on His Projects, Teaching at ITMO, and Importance of Communication

    Jari Vuorinen, a famous lighting designer with more than 19 years of experience, recently joined the international Master’s program Lighting Design at ITMO as a lecturer. He is the head and partner of Lighting Design Collective – an international company specializing in individual architectural lighting and urban environment solutions that employs cutting-edge technologies, digital content, software, and innovative design strategies.


  • Lighting Design Expert on Light in Culture

    In 2021, Artem Masorin, the founder of Russia’s first independent lighting design bureau “Looch'' and lead lighting designer at CUT Ingenieurbüro für Licht Medien Design, joined the team of lecturers for ITMO’s Lighting Design Master’s program. In 2020, he was named among the most talented and promising representatives of the lighting design industry in the 40 under 40 ranking. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, he speaks about the content of ITMO’s new course, about creativity and technologies, and the recipe of his success.


  • Smart Light: ITMO Researchers and Students Create Lighting System That Adapts to How Its Users Feel

    Authors of the project study the way the level of illumination and different color temperatures affect people’s emotional state and productivity. Based on a series of experiments, the researchers will create an adaptive system that will accommodate the working cycles of several people in one room. 


  • SEE: Our Cities Project – Study Design Without Borders

    A total of 16 international schools of architecture and design from all over the world have joined their forces under the aegis of Thomas Jefferson University (USA) in order to create a digital course in urban design during the pandemic. Online learning allows students to enter programs from the world’s leading universities. The Creative Lighting Department of ITMO University is the first and so far the only Russian institution that joined the SEE: Our Cities project.