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  • Smart Light: ITMO Researchers and Students Create Lighting System That Adapts to How Its Users Feel

    Authors of the project study the way the level of illumination and different color temperatures affect people’s emotional state and productivity. Based on a series of experiments, the researchers will create an adaptive system that will accommodate the working cycles of several people in one room. 


  • SEE: Our Cities Project – Study Design Without Borders

    A total of 16 international schools of architecture and design from all over the world have joined their forces under the aegis of Thomas Jefferson University (USA) in order to create a digital course in urban design during the pandemic. Online learning allows students to enter programs from the world’s leading universities. The Creative Lighting Department of ITMO University is the first and so far the only Russian institution that joined the SEE: Our Cities project.


  • Digital Art and Opera: Winners of Digital OPERA Performance on Contests’ Benefits and Media Content Trends

    In October, ITMO University team won the Digital OPERA Performance contest for media artists and multimedia directors. ITMO.NEWS met with the team members – Nadezhda Kumakova and Anastasia Laushkina – to learn more about the contest, their experience in creating media content and bringing their ideas to life.


  • ITMO's Creative Lighting Department Joins the International COVID CARE LAB Workshop

    The COVID – CARE LAB (Creating Adequate Residence for the Elderly – Learning Across Borders) online workshop will take place for the first time on November 9-13 as part of a joint initiative by five European universities.


  • Art & Science of the 1920s: ITMO Graduate Creates 3D Visualization of Guidoni’s Luminous Monument

    Art historians Olga Kolganova and Anna Spiridonova joined forces with ITMO graduate Sofia Petrash to recreate the monument originally designed by Grigory Guidoni. Read on to learn more about the process behind the project – from the initial idea to its presentation at a conference. 


  • ITMO University Teams Reach the Finals of Digital Opera Contest

    The finals of the Digital OPERA Performance, an international contest for media artists and multimedia directors, will take place in St. Petersburg on October 24-25. Several teams from ITMO University will take part in the final gala concert at which the winners will be announced.


  • LIGHT4HEALTH International Project Second Summer School to Commence in October

    From the first week of October to the first week of November 2020, the second summer school of the LIGHT4HEALTH international project will be held within the framework of the Erasmus + Strategic Partnership grant program. Among the partners and project participants are the world's leading universities and European schools of architecture in the field of architectural light design. 


  • Interactive Media Design: a New Specialization of ITMO’s Master’s Program in Lighting Design

    Starting from the fall semester of the 2020/2021 academic year, the Master’s program in Lighting Design will feature a new, additional specialization in interactive media design. 


  • The Work of a Lighting Designer: Creating Magic on Concerts and Fashion Shows

    Marina Lavrikova, a lighting designer with 20 years of professional experience under her belt, has recently given an open lecture in St. Petersburg. She talked about the specifics of her work, the process of getting ready for an event and the most popular equipment in the field. The lecture was held at Yasnaya Polyana coworking space. 


  • ITMO Co-Organizes International Conference on Lighting Design

    St. Petersburg has recently hosted the international conference “Lighting Design”, which aims to serve as an open platform for dialog between science, business, and art communities and the government. ITMO University was one of the co-organizers of the event. ITMO.NEWS attended one of the conference’s venues to find out which tasks specialists in the field of urban lighting design are currently facing.