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  • ITMO Graduate Alexandra Vasilyeva Shares Her Journey From Journalist to Science Communicator

    Alexandra Vasilyeva enjoyed writing essays in school so much that she eventually decided to pursue a career in journalism. It was so until she came across one book that completely shook up her professional plans and helped her see science in a brand new light. Now, the graduate of ITMO’s Science Communication Master’s program works at the European University at St. Petersburg where she helps researchers promote their studies. In this article, Alexandra talks about how she became a science writer, editor, and communicator.


  • Allergist Olga Zhogoleva on Evidence-Based Medicine and Myths

    Allergist Olga Zhogoleva is not only known for her medical practice – she also runs a popular Instagram blog about evidence-based medicine with over 160,000 followers.


  • Medical Journalist Elizaveta Babitskaya on Being an Informed Patient in Russia

    Having received her Bachelor’s degree in the field of quality management, ITMO University graduate Elizaveta Babitskaya decided to dramatically change her career and enrolled in ITMO University’s Master’s program in science communication. Elizaveta is now working as a medical journalist at the SeverGroup Medicine company, as well as collaborating with the Meduza magazine. Apart from that, she is the co-author of Profilaktika.Media project dedicated to cancer prevention. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Elizaveta shares about what working as a medical journalist is like today and how to become an informed patient in Russia.