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  • Traveling at the Speed of Light: What Is Special Relativity?

    In 1915, Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity famously revolutionized our understanding of gravity. However, it’s a lesser-known fact that special relativity was the precursor of this discovery. In this article, we talk to Georgy Sizykh, a PhD student at ITMO’s Faculty of Physics, about the way the theory of special relativity came to be, how it can help us slow down aging, and what is the connection between space and time.


  • Top Ten Questions from ITMO’s Endless Science Livestream

    This summer, ITMO held the longest popular science livestream at VK Fest: 24 hours in which researchers answered 700 questions from the audience. The star guests and viewers wanted to know when people will fly to Mars, if there will ever be a time machine, and what are the current frontiers in different fields of science. Here are the top ten questions answered by ITMO’s researchers.


  • ITMO’s Endless Science: Recap of the Longest Ever Popsci Live Stream at VK Fest

    What triggered the Big Bang? When will the first time machine appear? And what inspires scientists to keep pushing even after experiments fail? ITMO researchers and other guests did their best answering these and loads of other science-related questions during a 24-hour live stream at VK Fest. Here is how it went.


  • That’s Progress: ITMO Launches Pop-Sci Comedy Show on Research News

    Is it true that scientists in Japan can erase memories? What are xenobots? Can AI predict car accidents and, most importantly, is Pac-Man dumb? Boost your Russian skills by getting deep into the world of scientific jokes with ITMO’s new show That’s Progress!


  • What to Read, Watch and Listen to on the Winter Holidays

    The holiday season is a great time to not only feast and party, but also to do the things you haven’t had the time for during the year. Finally, you can read the books that don’t have to do with your work or studies, watch that movie or series that everyone is talking about, or try a new podcast to liven up your daily stroll or treadmill session. We want to share our own list of things to read and watch so you can consider them for your New Year plans.


  • ITMO University’s Pop-Sci Magazine NewTone Receives Award for Loyalty to Science

    On November 28, an official ceremony was held at the Kremlin to celebrate winners of the 7th annual For Loyalty to Science Award. The third prize in the nomination Best Periodical on Science was presented to the team of the magazine NewTone, established by ITMO University in 2011.


  • Contest-Winning ITMO Master’s Student on Making Science Popular

    We caught up with Dauddin Daudi, a recently-enrolled student of the Chemistry of Applied Materials Master’s program. Before coming to ITMO, he worked on a number of projects and was twice named a winner of the national contest My Country – My Russia. Speaking to ITMO.NEWS, he elaborated on the projects that brought him success and explained why he abandoned a career in the oil industry to study spiderwebs – and why science needs to be popularized not only among the public, but among scientists, too.


  • From Evidence-Based Medicine to Neuroscience: Nine Most Popular Books on Health

    If you want to better understand your own body and improve your health literacy, here are nine excellent books on medicine for all tastes.


  • For Commitment to Science: Applications Open for National Academic Prize by Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education

    The Ministry of Science and Higher Education’s prize “For Commitment to Science” recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution to the promotion of scientific knowledge. The award is open to journalists and media specialists, as well as students, science communicators, museum staff, exhibition curators, and other public figures.


  • Break Down by Atoms: Obsession-Free Eco-Lifestyle and Space Explorations

    Every month, the Break Down by Atoms popular science talk show by the Informational Center for Atomic Energy brings together all kinds of people who enjoy exploring the world of science. As always, several experts from entirely different fields give short talks on a common topic – the first event in 2021 was dedicated to balance.