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  • ITMO.NEWS Guide to Writing a Blog

    Did you know ITMO.NEWS has a blog section where students share their experiences and passions? We encourage you, too, to share your story – whether it's your account of a study trip, a favorite spot in the city, or simply a bit of professional (or personal) wisdom you wish to share with fellow students and staff of ITMO. If you’re not too sure where to start, here is the collected wisdom of our editorial team to help you along the way. Let’s dive in! 


  • Writing as a Form of Art: Calligraphy in Ancient Russia

    Studying and writing go hand in hand, even in the digital age. So, for some inspiration as the new academic year begins, let's talk about how it was done in the past.


  • Can AI Do My Job For Me? An Experiment

    As Google unveils its latest generative AI features for Gmail and Docs, and AI writing tools such as ChatGPT and Wordly continue to gain popularity, the question arises: can one exclusively rely on AI for writing-related tasks? Despite the significant limitations of the currently available AI tools, is it conceivable to complete a writing project using AI alone? Let's put machines to the test and see if they can truly replace human writers.


  • This Stay-at-Home Weekend in St. Petersburg: Unleash Your Creativity with Journaling

    If you think you’ve done it all in lockdown – all movies are seen, games are played, and your place is squeaky clean, then maybe it’s time to tend to your creative spirit? Here’s how to do it with six fun journaling techniques. 


  • Friday Experiment: Attempting to Write Every Day

    Whenever life tries to get the better of me, I always find myself either with a pen and a random notebook, the first I could lay my hands on, or, lately, in front of a white blank Word page. So, when November presented me with plenty of homework, a Master’s thesis experiment, and a dozen other projects, I knew what was coming – and tried to make good use of it.