The master class on creativity in business was held last week at Department of Technological Management and Innovations. To deliver the class, the organizers invited business coach Paul Bourne, an associate of Cambridge Judge Business School, who also presents lectures at the Stockholm School of Economics, Moscow School of Management (Skolkovo) and other institutions. As an artistic director of Menagerie Theatre Company, Paul Bourne tries to promote the principles of storytelling in business: he is convinced that any presentation should not be a simple demonstration but a story about what how these ideas or products will change the world.

“It doesn’t matter what is your profession, whether it's in transport, economy or geography. In order to convince anyone of anything, you need to be able to explain how the world was before, in what condition it is now, and what it could be like in the future. That is exactly what Steve Jobs did, when he presented the iPhone," explains Paul Bourne.

Paul Bourne held a Master Class for ITMO University Students

According to Bourne, what makes someone a successful entrepreneur is their particular view of the world – they need to create something new, to see the world differently to ordinary people, and be able to talk about it. In order to do this, they must know the principles of classical storytelling and highlight what makes their story significant.

For example, a newspaper article is a list of facts and viewpoints, but a story is emotions, it has its own unique personality, it is full of passion and intrigue. When you tell a story, you have the same facts as everyone else so you have to show what differentiates you from others. At my theatre in Cambridge we teach groups of students who can say the same thing: I have a product, I will release it to the market, and in three years my business will cost a million dollars. But for everything to turn out like that, to attract investors and clients, you have to be able to answer an important question: what is your particular story,” – explains the business coach.

Paul Bourne held a Master Class for ITMO University Students

The Deputy Dean for Science at Department of Technological Management and Innovations, Lyudmila Murgulets adds that a good entrepreneur is distinguished by two main characteristics – creative thinking and communication skills. By bringing drama to the master class, Paul Bourne shows how to develop these skills.

“It is impossible to become a successful businessman, if you can’t see things from different points of view, and in order to develop creative skills you have to turn to the arts. In addition, without communication skills it`s impossible to become a good manager or leader, you won’t be able to understand the client, and to influence his opinion. What we call “public behaviour skills”, is developed through drama, it gives an opportunity to expand your own repertoire, to learn how to behave in different situations”, - says Lyudmila Murgulets.

For your information, goal settings and personal development at Department of Technological Management and Innovations is also explored in its own course “Life Orienteering”. 

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