According to Konstantin Dautov, there is no doubt that today modern companies need to provide business processes automation, which covers all areas, from communication with clients to workflow affairs.  On the one hand, these systems simplify company`s activities by offering a unified platform for interaction of clients, suppliers and company`s departments, but on the other hand, provoke new challenges and difficulties.

“Developing companies constantly modify their work processes, that is why IT services have to be flexible. However they are also responsible for controlling of processes` development to provide their automatization,” noted the expert.

Mr. Dautov is sure that all companies have to develop a strategy, which includes successive steps and the main target. For example, Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies moves from non-automated and partly automated processes to those ones that will be completely managed by SAP`s software. To reach this goal Siemens`s experts make short-term plans for the following two-three years.

The expert supposes that here is no sense to apply expensive IT solutions for a new company. He also advices to avoid developing a unique IT system if it is possible to use existing ones. Making new software requires a lot of money and developing a software center, which will make other departments dependent on itself. Moreover, it is much easier to find experts who have already dealt with existing software programs than teach the specialists to manage some new system.

Konstantin Dautov also appreciated skills required by ITMO University students: “ITMO`s young experts have no typical student problems connected with lack of required knowledge. I think the main reason of their progress is that they start to work while studying at university. Moreover, it is also very important for universities to contribute to students` development…”

Thus Chair of Information Systems and Technologies in High-Tech Business provides IT trainings through two Master`s Programs, Information Systems and Technologies in High-tech Business, and Management and System Analysis in Economics and Financial Area. According to Alexey Korablev, head of the Chair, the first program focuses on technical disciplines, the second one aims to train engineers and system analysts. Being affiliated degree center Information Systems and Technologies in High-Tech Business Chair collaborates with large high-tech companies and business organizations. 

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