Air regenerators or so called improved air conditioners are not so popular nowadays because such devices as air coolers, space heaters and conditioners are more understandable for consumers. Moreover, one of the most simple and widespread ventilation strategies is opening windows. However together with fresh air dust and noise came to a room.

“It`s well known that window opening leads to temperature decreasing so low temperature in a room make radiators heat more intensive. That is why regenerators are more appropriate. They provide “smart” air exchange,” said Aleksey Aleshin.

A regenerator leaks warm air but keeps warmth inside the room. In summer, when one cools air using a conditioner, regenerator doesn`t change the temperature while ventilating. This technology also saves energy.    

To provide heat regeneration and air filtering expanded polyethylene sheets were used. Its spongy structure prevents dust from getting into the room.

“I started to develop the energy efficient air regenerator six months ago. However the ready for service product I have developed fairly recently. Consisting of frame, tangential fan, control board and drive unit the device is quite simple. However we spent a lot of time to calculate device`s efficiency and set it.  Being a filter polyethylene sheets are subjected to pollution. Thus it`s necessary to change them.  For convenience's sake I am going to develop it by using glass beads that has high heat transfer and heat storage capacity and are easier to use,” shared the expert.

Currently the approximate cost is 5, 000 rubles. Taking into account the fact that the device cuts electric power consumption by half the invention will be compensated in two-three years. Aleksey Aleshin also plans to upgrade the device by installing air humidifier and ionizer inside.

“The jury appreciated my invention because energy-efficient technologies were very popular at that moment. Having presented ready to use devices most of participants had an advantage over me. However experts expressed a high opinion of the undeveloped project. It pleased me to know that,” said Mr. Aleshin.

Currently AERIS project takes part in a preparatory session of Future Technologies accelerator.