TURN8 Startup Accelerator develops various innovative projects from all over the world. Currently it supports two Russian projects. According to Mr. Hassan, most of portfolio companies of the Accelerator developed by Russians who are ready for removing so as to expand their projects. Apart from investing TURN8 assists young entrepreneurs in making international contacts and approaching markets of different countries.

At the meeting initiated by Future Technologies Startup Accelerator ITMO University`s startupers presented nine inventions. Thus the expert met with representatives of following projects: a service for choosing training courses Courseburg, a device for post-stroke rehabilitation called Rehabot; an application for navigating inside shopping centers inNavi,  an innovative laser making device by ColorIT; and LeadCooker, a service for automated message sending as well.

After the presentation three startups were awarded as winners. Thus inventors of Mailburn, a service for business e-mails` monitoring, security system Pyrobox and and Rating.VC, an analytic platform for investors got an opportunity to be enrolled in TURN8. However the final decision will be made after the end of the accelerator session when participants will complete their projects.

According to Kamal Hassan, Russian entrepreneurs think globally; on the one hand, they solve local problems, but on the other hand, they deal with world problems concerning about the future.

“I noticed that Russians were ready for removing to other countries so as to develop their business,” underlined the expert.

Kamal Hassan appreciated ITMO University, its` research activities and startup programs. Thus TURN8 is interested in investing in Russian incubators` development.

Apart from that Mr. Hassan give several recommendations that would help young startupers.

“One has to cooperate with international partners in order to be successful. Prosperous incubators and companies constantly exchange experience and ideas with colleagues from different cities and countries. It helps to reach new horizons,” said  Kamal Hassan.