The 13th Code Jam World Finals wrapped up in New York NY, on August 5, 2016. To claim victory, the two-time ACM ICPC champion Gennady Korotkevich earned 170 points out of 200 possible. The second place went to Kevin Sogo from the Philippines and the third place to Russia's Egor Kulikov with Devexperts who won Yandex. Algorithm a week ago. Evgenii Kapun (ACM ICPC 2009, 2012) and also ITMO alumnus was fourth. 

"It was unexpected that my gap from the second place was so significant - 50 points out of 200," said Korotkevich. "Apparently I didn't even have to tackle the hardest task E and still stay in first position. In that tasks you had to find the shortest way between point A and point B with minimum radiation from one or two points along the way."

Mr. Korotkevich will receive a $15,000 prize and automatic qualification for the 2017 Code Jam Finals to defend his position. Check out a live-stream recording for step-by-step action. 

Mr. Korotkevich is the alumnus of ITMO's Information Technologies and Programming Department. ITMO University recently also launched a World Champions Programming School. 

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