Having entered the top-10 Russian universities ITMO university didn`t lose its` ground. Over the last several years it has made a breakthrough by entering top-1000 world`s universities and constantly moves up. Apart from that ITMO University placed 98th among BRICS` rankings rising by 37 positions. The   “Webometrics” Ranking evaluates about 20, 000 universities from all over the world and about 1, 500 Russian universities.

Over the last six months ITMO University has succeeded in web impact. This indicator reflects the amount of backlinks and the quantity of these links as well. According to the ranking, ITMO University increased in this indicator by 247 positions. It also showed good results of other indicators such as “presence” (694th position) and “openness” (706th position).

“The achievement of ITMO University in the “Webometrics” Ranking is a merit of all departments of the University. Participation in the “Webometrics” carries heavy responsibilities. To save its` positions universities should make many efforts. If a university constantly moves up it mean that it follows the right direction,” said Irina Popova, head of Department of Information Technologies of ITMO University.

Furthermore, ITMO University placed 768th in the Webometrics Repository Ranking rising by 168 positions, and took the 4th position among Russian universities. Previously, according to "4 International Colleges & Universities," ITMO University made a major breakthrough from the eight position to the fourth among Russian universities.

“Webometrics Ranking of World Universities” was organized in 2004. Now it is the most prestigious ranking system for the world's universities. It is based on evaluation and analysis of volume of the web contents of universities. “Webometrics`s” results affect the position of universities in  Times Higher Education and QS rankings. That is why web site developing is one of the most important targets of the universities that participate in 5-100 Russian Academic Excellence Project

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