This year Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology joined the Top-3 at the ranking. According to experts, participants of the Project 5-100 made great strides – more than 10 partner universities take places at “National University Ranking 2016 by Research” which included results of 238 Russian universities.

ITMO University gained 707 points out of 1,000 possible. It succeeded mostly in R&D activities (6th place among other universities) and publishing activities according to Scopus as well (8th place).

Vladimir Nikiforov, Vice Rector for Research, talked about a development strategy chosen by the University: “We developed the fields correlated with ITMO University’s top majors – information and photonic technologies…The most significant result of 2015 was international research centers’ development. Thanks to their activity ITMO University managed to move up this year.”

In 2016 ranking’s grading system was a little bit changed. The experts evaluated number of educational programs at universities, high performance computing and computer simulation rates as well as number of citations per paper according to Scopus and Russian Science Citation Index.

Interfax International Information Services Group presents university rankings every year since 2010. It publishes sub rankings based on such criteria as education, research, social impact, brand building and innovation rate. This year Interfax plans to publish results of sub-ranking one by one – having presented all of them it will make the overall ranking based on previous ones.

Full results of National University Ranking 2016 by Research are available here.