International Symposium "Fundamentals of Laser Assisted Micro- and Nanotechnologies" (FLAMN-2019)

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From June 30 to July 4, 2019, ITMO University will host the 8th International Symposium on Fundamentals of Laser Assisted Micro- and Nanotechnologies (FLAMN-2019), which is to be dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the All-Union Conference on the Interaction of Optical Radiation with Matter.

Included in the program of the Symposium are the most topical aspects of modern laser-assisted technologies, namely:

  • interaction of laser radiaton and matter, including ultrashort laser exposures;
  • nonlinear optical effects in matter under intensive laser irradiation;
  • laser-induced surface phenomena;
  • mechanisms and regularities of laser ablation;
  • instabilities and self-organization processes under laser conditioning;
  • physical fundamentals of laser microtechnologies;
  • methods of simulation and quantitative analysis of technological processes;
  • laser methods of structuring of surfaces and management of their properties;
  • formation of 2D and 3D micro- and nanostructures;
  • lasers in modification of surface properties, processing of thin films, and production of microoptical elements;
  • physical methods of online control of laser technology processes;
  • laser medical microtechnologies;
  • laser purification and conservation of objects of cultural and historical heritage.

The Symposium will be attended by such leading specialists as:

  1. Pr. Chunlei Guo from the University of Rochester (the US), who will talk about femtosecond laser surface structuring and functionalization;
  2. Pr. Koji Sugioka from the RIKEN Institute (Japan), who will give a presentation on femtosecond laser 3D processing for fabrication of functional micro and nanosystems;
  3. Pr. Boris Chichkov from Leibniz University Hannover, who will discuss laser printing of nanoparticles and living cells;
  4. Pr. Ronald Sroka from the University of Munich, who will report on experimental and clinical applications of high-power lasers in medicine;
  5. Dr. Michel Menu, chief conservation specialist at the Louvre Museum, who will talk about the contribution of laser methods to the conservation and characterization of works of art (his presentation will take place at the Russian Museum).

You can find the full list of speakers, as well as topics of their presentations, on the official website of the Symposium

In addition to presentations by top researchers, the program of the Symposium also features a section on practical demonstrations of lasers in industry. This section will be attended by heads of such major companies as IPG Photonics, Trotec, Trumpf, Avesta Project, and experimental design bureau "Bulat".


  • ITMO University
  • Prokhorov General Physics Institute of   the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Laser Center
  • The Russian Museum
  • Laser Association
  • S. Rozhdestvensky Russian Optical Society


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