Workshop "Investing in Russian EdTech: A Guide to Success"


The application of technologies in education, or EdTech, is one of the fastest-growing fields on the tech companies market.

According to a 2017 large-scale study of the Russian market of online learning and EdTech, conducted by the companies Netology and EWDN, the Russian market, which amounts to 1.8 trillion rubles, will be growing by an average of 15-25% per year in the nearest future. While in 2016, the country's online learning market constituted 20.7 billion rubles, its amount is predicted to increase more than twofold by 2021, accounting for 53.3 billion rubles.

At the workshop to be held on July 11, the expert Vsevolod Belchenko will talk about whether all this hype is backed by real business and what are the chances that investors can profit off of it in the context of Russian market. Vsevolod Belchenko is a serial entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Skiorsky Academy, the largest EdTech company in the field of blended learning. With nine years of managerial experience, seven of which were spent at EdTech companies, Vsevolod managed to increase the profits of the company tenfold in the period of six years and attracted 37.5 millions from private investors in 2018.

The speaker will consider successful and unsuccessful cases of Russian EdTech companies and provide an analysis of the reasons why EdTech startups fail. The workshop will allow you to learn:

  • which niches on the online learning market yield profits and which don't, and what makes the situation on the Russian market special compared to that on the international one;
  • how to launch and ensure financial success of an educational project: how to choose the right segment, learning system and lecturers, what to focus on when developing an economic plan, how to build an effective marketing system;
  • whether Russian EdTech companies have any prospects on the international market or these are subject to limitations of the local specifics;
  • how state regulation in the field of education impact the prospects of an EdTech company;
  • how to evaluate an EdTech startup, and what are the criteria to gauge whether it will be successful in the future.

The workshop will be held on July 11, starting from 6.30pm, in two different formats: offline at the Internet Initiatives Development Fund office in Moscow (Myasnitskaya St. 13 bld 18), and online via a live broadcast on YouTube (you can ask questions and/or rewatch the recording at a later date). More information is available on the webpage of the event (in Russian).


The workshop will be especially useful for both investors planning to support EdTech companies and founders of EdTech startups. 


  • crowdinvesting platform StartTrack
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