Introduction Days


On September 2-3, ITMO University will host orientation days for first-year Bachelor's students, where they will be filled in on all the information about studying at the university and the many opportunities it offers. 

The orientation will be held in the nonclassical spirit typical for the university: instead of classroom lessons, the students will participate in a quest across ITMO's different thematic stations.

These include:

  • ITMO.LOVE. Why ITMO is the first nonclassical university out there? What does it mean to be a part of ITMO.Family? Who's the most important at the university, rector or students? Will everyone have to move to ITMO Highpark? 
  • Teambuilding. Who are the people you will be studying with for the following four years? What talents do they possess? Is there such thing as an ethics code for students?
  • Science. What are each of the ITMO Schools' strengths? What research and development projects are conducted at the university? How to pursue science without interrupting one's studies?
  • Education. What is the Student Office? How to build one's individual education trajectory and opt for the right electives? What does the university expect fropm its students? 
  • ITMO.Students. What students clubs are there at ITMO and how to create one's club? Which extracurricular activities to attend? Who are adapters and admins? 
  • Global. How to go on a semester exchange to Brussels or attend a conference in San Francisco? How to get a double degree?
  • Kronbars Athletics. Can you pursue fencing, yachting and floorball at Kronbars? Is it possible to get a pass grade in you PE for the semester by playing Dota 2?
  • Benefits. How to access student perks and discounts? What is the Yagodnoe sports and recreation center famous for? Can you get psychological counseling at ITMO?

There'll be no boring lectures: their place will be taken by interactive presentations, sports games, teambuilding and stand-up sessions.

All first-year Bachelor's students will be divided into 24 teams with 70 members each. Every team will have its own schedule available in the document below (in Russian). You can find your team's number on your personal page on ITMO's admissions website.


First-year Bachelor's students are welcome to attend.


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