ITMO.Future Contest for University Initiatives

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Make a contribution to the future of ITMO University! We are opening a crowdsourcing platform with a budget of 10,000,000 rubles and can’t wait for new ideas and specialists who are ready to implement them!

ITMO.Future: Why it is a big deal

We want to improve our university with the help of everyone who works, studies, and teaches here. We want to create as many opportunities for career growth as possible. Only inside the ITMO.Family can we find an honest evaluation and a real desire to develop ITMO University. We want you to decide how to make ITMO better!

We need to understand what challenges a modern university faces these days, and which processes can be improved, according to our students and staff. In the first phase of the contest, we will be on the look-out for ideas on how to develop ITMO. We need your opinion: let us know what should be upgraded. In June, we will pick the best ideas and award their authors.

After evaluating the identified issues, we will start a contest to find solutions to these tasks. Gifted students, we are waiting for you! Propose your solutions and contribute to the future of ITMO!

In order to participate, you should send your portfolio to the ITMO.Future organizers. The projects will be split between participants. From June to December – it’s your time to create, invent, and become professionals. We expect efficient solutions to real-life tasks. A budget of 10,000,000 rubles has been allocated for the implementation of the projects.

Junior specialists of various backgrounds are welcome to participate. You might need to, for example, create a navigation system for our campuses, a mechanism for an interactive timetable, a chatbot, an online course, or a library data system. Each team or developer can potentially implement their product elsewhere.

Phases and deadlines*

The first phase (collection of initiatives)

The second phase (reviewing and selecting the initiatives)

  • June 15: sharing initiatives on

  • June 15-21: discussion and voting for the best initiatives

  • June 22-24: experts review the initiatives 

  • June 25: sharing chosen initiatives

The third phase (contest for implementers of the initiatives)

  • June 25 - July 9: applying for development of the initiatives

  • July 9 - 16: experts review the applications and distribute the initiatives between the implementers.

The fourth phase (development of the initiatives)

  • July 20 – November 30: development of the initiatives

  • December 1–4: presentation of the completed projects

We are waiting for you, your ideas, your talents, your expertise, and your desire to create! 

Think about ways to improve ITMO University: your dreams can come to life this very year!

*Deadlines might be changed, follow the news on


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