Staying With the Trouble Exhibition

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From March 12 to April 4, Art.ITMO.Residency will host the Staying With the Trouble exhibition to present the art projects of Art & Science students and invited artists. 

The artworks contemplate viral dynamics. Despite the extensive research on the topic, viruses are still considered an uncharted area. Using the optics of science art, this exhibition is an attempt to trace the new and unexplored virulent reality from various perspectives: from anthropological to poetic.

The title of the exhibition refers to the eponymous book by Donna Haraway and suggests experiencing challenging times by learning in the moment and rebuilding the relationships with the planet and its inhabitants. Resulting in the loss of stability, the new reality confronts humanity with the need to look for alternative ways of interacting with non-human agents. Viruses are already inside our bodies, they integrate their DNA into our cells, and evolve together with humans. This means that they are able to interact with others and be with others. The exhibited art projects will help you grasp the meaning and importance of being-with-viruses.


Everyone is welcome to participate.


    • ITMO’s Art & Science Center
    • Art.ITMO.Residency


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