Caring Robots Exhibition

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On June 25, Sevkabel Port is to put on an exhibition of robotic art created by ITMO artists who aimed to demonstrate how humans, ecosystems, and robots may interact using gestures of caring and communication. The exhibition will bring together exoskeletons that can give you superhuman strength, a robotic wing that can imitate the movement of your hand, and a robotic church lady who will light a candle on your behalf. Robot artists and sculptors will help you realize your creative potential, while the project How Machines See the World will display your route through the exhibition in real time.

The highlight of the exhibition is Phase Adventures by world-famous media artist ::vtol:: – an author of what has become a recognized classic of robotic art featured at the National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, and the State Tretyakov Gallery.

During the exhibition, participants will have the chance to attend lectures on robotic art, as well as purchase tickets for the Robot Kostya play, this year’s nominee for the Gold Mask award.

Learn more about the exhibition here (in Russian).


Everyone is welcome to attend.


ITMO University


Marina Arkhipova, a digital manager at ITMO’s Strategic Communications Department