Dear Colleagues!

We are inviting you to take a part

in the First International Optical Seminar (OS-2013)

in St. Petersburg, Russia in period November, 2528, 2013

Information about the Seminar is here, E-mail:

Goals of the Seminar:

  • qualification gain in the area of optical system design;
  • expansion of collaboration between leading professionals in the area of optical system design;
  • information exchange on the topic of modern state and tendencies in R&D in the area of optical system design.


The Seminar is placed in St. Petersburg State National University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (NRU ITMO), located in 1416, Birzhevaya Line, Vasilievsky Island, St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Head of the Seminar is the President of D.S. Rozhdestvensky Optical Society, Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Rector of NRU ITMO, and Professor Vladimir N. Vasiliev.

Seminar Topic  is discussion of tendencies of theoretical, applied and practical aspects for development of a wide ranges of optical and optoinformation systems using modern software tools and packages.

Auditorium  scientists, engineers, students of different countries involved in optical system design and interested in exchange of experience and collaboration development.

Working language  English and Russian.

Seminar Program:

  1. Plenary meeting including invited reports related to review of modern state and tendencies in optical system design in world leading companies, research centers and universities.
  2. Reports of leading optical specialists devoted to practical issues of optical system design for a wide range of application.
  3. Master-class on optical system design using CODE V (held by specialists from Synopsys' Optical Solutions Group  developer of CODE V).
  4. Assessment of competition on optical system design for young scientists and engineers and nomination of winners.
  5. Round table devoted to discussion of collaboration ways, results of the Seminar and development of the next Seminar program.
  6. Cultural program.

We are glad to meet You at the Seminar!

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