On the eve of the Day of Russian Science University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics congratulates its colleagues with their professional holiday.

Professor Vladimir Vasiliev, the doctor of technical sciences, the rector of the University ITMO:
"Dear colleagues!
I congratulate you on your professional holiday, the Day of Russian Science!
In our University this day is an important event for everyone. It is a celebration of scientists, graduate students, students and all those who have dedicated or plans to devote his life to gain new knowledge.
The result of your daily work is a global technological progress, which fundamentally changes the world around each of us. Your achievements are the basis of knowledge for future generations and the foundation for new scientific developments.
Developing together, we strive to create the conditions for productive work of well-known scientists as well as for beginner specialists. We have high expectations about them because their work affects our tomorrow!
Thanks to our common merit and aspiration to victoriesin 2013 the University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics became one of 15 participants in the program to improve international competitiveness. This gives us a real opportunity to develop together and promote science forward!
8 of February is Day of Russian Science. The chance to make it a subject of pride of the whole world is in our hands!
Congratulations on the Holiday!"

Professor Sergei Stafeev, the doctor of technical sciences, the dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences:
«I think many people would agree with me that Day of Science is a holiday for practically every person on Earth. That is how subjects of scientific and technical progress are important in our daily life.
This day I would like to refer first of all to those who are beginning to make their first steps in science, high school students, first-year students, young researchers.
Dear friends and colleagues!
You are in front of a magical world that promises you not only (and not so) material goods, but incomparable feeling of belonging to the eternal process of cognition of the surrounding world through the acquisition of new knowledge and the search for effective solutions to pressing problems. The field of study may be different; in fact you can become a real scientist in humanitarian or strictly theoretical sciences or in specialized technical or abstract virtual sciences.
As it is known, a research University is a unique commonality of teachers-scientists and students-researchers. Its main values are not walls of buildings or equipment of laboratories, but people.
Our common task is to create comfortable atmosphere for productive cooperation, joint educational and scientific work.
Only our common aspiration for great and interesting scientific and educational projects would allow the University ITMO to achieve the most ambitious goals which stand before our team!
Congratulations on the Day of Science!»

Professor Aleksey Bobtsov, the doctor of technical sciences, the dean of the Faculty of Computer Technologies and Management:
«For me science is the freedom of thought and movements; it is an intellectual challenge and in a sense the games of mind. A scientist, in contrast to the athlete, increases his level and importance, expressed in achievements, disciples, quotes, with age. Of course, the process of aging is inevitable, but it is possible to be in the lead, go first and lead others, in a respectable age. During getting new results and training of young followers, scientist develops and in a sense becomes younger.
It is especially pleasant to understand, that Russia now is coming in a time in which science is not only the games of the mind. It allows young scientists to look into the future and provide themselves with normal conditions for life and work.
I hope that we will restore our leading positions in the world, though we will have to work and study a lot for that.
Happy Day of Russian Science!»

Pavel Belov, the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences,the head of Department «Metamaterials»:
«Every day the prestige of science in Russia becomes more and more. The state provides substantial financial support to the scientists; its aim is to create a favorable atmosphere for work.
But we have to take incredible joint efforts to reform the existing foundations.to achieve this requires.
These general steps from the state and representatives of science will become the key to creating of a competitive environment, corresponding to the world level. On the eve of the professional holiday, I would like to wish each scientist to find in the variety of modern and rapidly developing sciences the niche in where he could fully realize his ambitions and creative potential».

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