The victory of the magazine NewTone in competition of mass media of the North-West region

April, 11, 2014 the competition of youth mass-media was held in St. Petersburg in the framework of the annual forum of media of the North-Western region "Media-Start". The team of the magazine NewTone of ITMO University took part in the competition and won. The publication was awarded the diploma of the first degree in the nomination "Photo reports".

Magazine photographer Vladislav Kalinin (group 1212) was marked special attention. He won in the competition of the forum.

The team of the magazine has acquired the right to pass internship in the leading periodicals of the city and take part in international programs organized by the Committee on youth policy and interaction with public organizations.

"In may 2014 magazine NewTone marks three years. During this time journalists visited many scientific and practical laboratory of cities and enterprises, inaccessible to ordinary people. Scientists, writers, broadcasters, the people that are successful in many scopes, became guests of the magazine", Anastasia Butina, the chief editor of the edition said at the presentation.

We congratulate the students on their victory and wish them further success!

And at the end of April a new issue of the magazine is coming. The main theme is "The feeling of flight". Readers will learn who can become an astronaut, where the widow of Yuri Gagarin lives, why hurricane winds blow in St. Petersburg and if the reporters managed to get out of the release capsule of the Soyuz during the fire.

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