10-12 June 2014 the delegation of the University of Information Technologies took part in the XIV International Conference on Computer Science (ICCS 2014) in Cairns (Australia). The report of the experts of the Scientific Research Institute of intensive computer technology (SRI NCP) of the ITMO University was given the highest award of the conference in the category “Best Poster Award”.

ICCS annual conference unites researchers in mathematics and computer science specialists and those specialists who apply computational methods in the natural sciences and the humanities, as well as in various fields of art. This time the conference brought together leading scientists from the Research Computing Center of the University of Queensland.

The University of Information Technologies organized the workshop on emergency computing «Urgent Computing: Computations for Decision Support in Critical Situations» for the third time as a part of the event schedule. In 2014, work has been connected with the methods and principles of emergency computing software development platforms and infrastructures to support decision making in emergencies: natural and manmade disasters, epidemics, etc. The members of the Department of High Performance Computing (HPC) and Research Institute of intensive computer technology were the representatives of  the University at the seminar. They told about the scientific research being carried out with the use of high performance computing, cloud computing and eScience infrastructure in solving complex application problems. Participants of the workshop also discussed the issue of the latest cloud technologies in the educational process and the implementation of joint educational programs with the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands).

The poster on the topic of "Complex Network Modeling for Maritime Search and Rescue Operations” by Alexey Bezgodov and Dmitriy Esin, members of the staff of the Institute tubing was especially mentioned at the conference. The poster deals with the numerical simulation and the analysis of dynamic evolution of complex networks drifters under the influence of sea waves and their application to the study of the effectiveness of various strategies for marine search and rescue operations. The report was rewarded the highest award in the category of “Best Poster Award”.

As the members of the delegation noted, participation of the ITMO University in the conference and the organization its own workshop within ICCS promote dialogue about the present and the future of computing science. Associate Professor of the Department of High Performance Computing (HPC) Aleskey Dukhanov said: "Large-scale computer simulation requires conceptual, theoretical and methodological foundations, which are engaged in the development of the Research University of intensive computer technology of the ITMO University. As part of the workshop, we discuss the topical issues in the field of emergency calculations with colleagues from around the world, are looking to solve them together and share the results of the work".


The Research University of intensive computer technology was created at the ITMO University in 2007 as a division of the interdepartmental coordination and interdisciplinary research-intensive computing. Among the main activities of the Institute is modeling of extreme meteorological phenomena and dynamics of marine facilities and structures, decision support systems in emergency situations, forecast, prevention and assessment of flood risk, innovative technologies in education, multiagent simulation and modeling of extreme natural or socio-political processes.

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