The XIV International scientific conference «Tribology and reliability»

From 17 to 19 September 2014 the XIV International scientific conference «Tribology and reliability» will take place in St. Petersburg. 
The event was organized by the Institute of cold and biotechnology of the ITMO University and the Russian national Committee on tribology. 
We invite you to take active part in the international conference, which covers the following main scopes: 
  • theoretical and applied aspects in tribology and reliability of mechanical systems (vehicles, machinery, tools, equipment ) and modeling; 
  • advanced technology and new designs in the creation and maintenance of the main friction pairs; 
  • testing methods, techniques and tools for analysis and control tribo compounds their parts with providing guarantees reliability in operation; 
  • oils, lubricants, additives, special protection and seals / sealing movable joints; 
  • materials for international encyclopedia Tribology, of 12 scheduled for publication 7 volumes have been released to the public, they will be presented; 
  • technical innovations, proposals for contracts in various fields, including education, not less than 30 tasks in tribology with solutions. 
Details on the cost of participation and the order of payment are avaliable here.
Kirill N. Voinov
tel/fax ( 812) 376-89-72 
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