The professors of the Department of Natural Sciences trained the students for the Competition. Aleksander Ryzhkov, the associate professor of the Chair of Advanced Mathematics, Tatiana Rodina, the senior lector of the Chair of Advanced Mathematics and Pavel Pettay, the senior lector of the Chair of Intelligent Technologies in Humanities supported the team. Vitaly Aksenov, who participated in the IMC-2014, also joined the team of trainers this year.  

“An international contest is a great opportunity for students to show their intellectual abilities. Participating in IMC-2015 ITMO University students demonstrated their talent to everyone. I hope that after graduation they will fulfill their potential through world-wide research projects,” said Igor Popov, the head of the Chair of Advanced Mathematics.

IMC-2015 team results see here.

Apart from the first-degree certificate of IMC-2015 Gennady Korotkevich won Google Code Jam for the second time and "Yandex. Algorithm” for the third time. The young programmer also took the first prize of the International Collegiate Programming Contest ACM ICPC in 2013 and 2015. Futhermore, Mr. Korotkevich is twice Facebook Hacker Cup champion and the winner of Russian Code Cup and Topcoder Open contests.

Polina Poleschuk 

News portal editorial office

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