“Yagodnoe” SportsCamp: Social Projects and Activities for International Students

ITMO University organized a two-week camp for the international students from its short-term programs. During these two weeks, young specialists from Spain, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia,Taiwan, Belarus and Serbia will be involved in volunteering, sports activities as well as business games and sightseeing tours to St. Petersburg. The organizers talked about the details of these educational and extra-curricular programs.

According to the organizers, the number of participants has tripled since last year – this summer’s program opened its doors to 28 international students. The program now includes three modules: educational, practical and one dedicated to sports and culture. Andrey Zlenko,  Head of the Social Design and Entrepreneurship Center, explained that during the development of programs for each of these modules, the requests of their future participants have been taken into account.

“This year’s participants are very active and sociable; they don’t only want to work through the program, but also learn Russian and show their potential. These weeks are going to be full of unforgettable experiences and memorable events. We are sure that they will not have time to be bored, and the program will meet all of their expectations”, - shares Alena Stepanischeva, chairman for ITMO University’s Volunteer Center.

Many Russian students also take part in the camp: they supervise lectures, organize meetings and oversee the projects developed by our international guests. As Mr. Zlenko noted, experienced volunteers who participate in such activities every year greatly contribute to the program and are one of the reasons why it’s going to be a success.

The Educational Module includes lectures given by the specialists from the Social Design and Entrepreneurship Center. Participants will take part in a business game to obtain experience in project management.  Then, students will have to organize and provide different volunteer activities. For instance, to split firewood for older people living in the Yagodnoe settlement or pick blueberry, bake pies and share them with those in need. Furthermore, they will be given a task to identify different ecological problems of Yagodnoe and propose the methods for solving them.

After the lectures and meetings students will go outside to take part in territory and ecological improvement. Usually volunteers help old people fix fences around their houses and clean up the territory of Lake Berestovoe.

The sports & cultural module includes morning workouts and sports games in the evening. On weekends, they will leave Yagodnoe for sightseeing in St. Petersburg. In the evenings, foreign students will share customs and traditions of their countries with Russians. That shall prove useful for Russian students as well, as they will also go abroad to take part in similar projects in the nearest future. 

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