A New Joint PhD Program: the First Graduate

Having defended her PhD thesis Nina Sobeshchuk became the first alumna of the joint postgraduate program initiated by ITMO University together with ENS Cachan.

Graduated from this double degree program Ms. Sobeshchuk obtained both Russian and European PhD degrees in physics and math.

Nina Sobeshchuk provided her research under the supervision of professor Igor Denisyuk, head of Chair of Engineering Photonics, and Melanie lebental, head of quantum and molecular photonics lab of ENS de Cachan. Supported by 5-100 Russian Academic Excellence Project the joint postgraduate program bases on facilities of International Laboratory Nonlinear Optical Molecular Crystals and Microlasers. According the requirements, the student after her defending connected with French professors through Skype so as to present the thesis in English.

In the thesis Nina Sobeshchuk focused on 3D polymeric microlasers enriched with organic dyes and inorganic nanoparticles as well as materials for theirs development.

“This research is relevant and useful because such kind of lasers wasn`t researched before. Their applications are multiple: network technologies as well as microsensors that determine bacteria types according to spectra,” said Igor Denisyuk. 

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