The website provides information for potential international university applicants who are interested in studying in Russia in three languages, Russian, English and Chinese. Users can explore a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs and also look at specific universities in different Russian cities. There's also an advanced search field that allows applicants to find something that suits their specific needs. A special feature of the site is a step-by-step infographic called 5 Steps to Applying to a Russian University where you can easily find a list of required documents, free tuition opportunities and entrance exams.

Russian universities offer both full-fee paying and state-sponsored places. The most talented students have an opportunity to receive scholarships or join state support grant programs. In 2015 the Russian Government funded the studies of 15,000 international students. also informs potential students about living and studying conditions in Russia. Here you can learn about campuses and dorms, transportation, student benefits, healthcare, meals, leisure and climate, and much more.

“This website is an effective tool, which attracts students from all over the world to study at universities represented in international higher educational rankings. This year all students have already chosen where to study. That is why we will receive the first feedback and evaluate the effectiveness of only in 2017. ITMO University`s training programs are becoming more and more popular with international students. We hope that the new service will also help us to continue along this line,” noted Alvina Kiseleva, head of Сredential Evaluation Unit.

While making an important decision about where to study many international students rely on feedback from their friends who are studying abroad. That is why service includes stories from newcomers in its' Testimonials section. To read about impressions of young ITMO University`s researchers living in St. Petersburg click here.

ITMO University offers Bachelor, Master`s and postgraduate programs as well as double degree courses and other types of short-term programs including international summer schools. The specialists of the University put on the website required contacts such as emails of International Educational Programs Department, Сredential Evaluation Unit and Department of Foreign Citizens Support as well as information about dormitories.

To estimate the effectiveness of the service experts will calculate the amount of clicks on the official university websites. They will also analyze the increase in the number of applicants each year. The fact that more and more international students want to study in Russia means that local universities are develop their influence and going global. It also positively affects positions in prestigious higher education rankings. 

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